GED Prep Classes

7 Essentials of GED Classes

There are not many people who can take the exam and pass it without some preparation. Taking classes is one of the best ways to learn what you need to know for the exam. Local colleges, churches and social organizations conduct classes for adult education, including preparation for this test. Good classes take care of the general needs of the student and are also able to address the particular problems that a student may have. Not all the classes, however, will be able to fulfill your requirements. This article will tell you about what differentiates a good class from a not-so-good one and will review some of the best classes.

Seven Essentials of GED Prep Classes:

  1. One of the essential features of the curriculum is that it should cover all the subjects of the exam. The course should include classes on English reading and writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
  2. The course should include a sufficient number of practice tests. These tests should be scored and the results communicated to the students along with suggestions for improvement.
  3. The classes on each subject should begin with the fundamentals of that subject. The instructors should move on to the advanced prep only when the students have mastered the basics.
  4. Tips and strategies for taking the exam should be offered.
  5. The scheduling of the classes should be done considering that the courses are usually meant for adults. Weekend and evening classes should be offered, as well as regular weekday sessions.
  6. The instructors should be competent and qualified. They must be able to clarify doubts and help the students through difficulties.
  7. The course must be affordable. The people who want to take the exam are usually adults who missed the opportunity to obtain their high school diplomas. Many of them want to take the test in order to improve their chances of finding meaningful employment. The courses should be priced, keeping this in mind.

Review of Some Prep Classes for the GED Exam:

1. CUNY Adult Literacy/GED Program in New York:

This program consists of classes offered to those who wish to prepare for the exam. The instructors are qualified and are dedicated to their work. The class size is small, about 15 students per instructor. This allows for individual attention to each student by the teacher. The instructors expect a high level of commitment from the students towards the course. You will be expected to attend the classes with regularity. Assignments must be completed and submitted on time. You can find these classes at the following link:

2. Clark College:

These classes are conducted multiple times in the day. You have to go to the venue and register personally for the classes. The minimum age requirement is 16 years. You are required to bring photo identification at the time of registration. Child care facilities are not offered and so you are not allowed to bring children with you. The fee charged is $25 per quarter. Clark College considers requests for financial help. The course also features accommodations for those with a disability. You can enquire about further details at the following number: (360) 992-2741, or use the following link:

3. GED Academy:

This is an online course that you will find useful, if you are finding it difficult to attend regular classroom sessions. The course begins at the basic level of the subjects. Practice tests are a part of the course and will help you to assess your progress. If you have a computer and an internet connection, then you can easily access these online classes. The link you can use to find out more is: