Practice As An Important Part Of GED Mathematics Preparation

How to Practice for GED Math

Introduction to GED Math

Math can be perfected only with practice, especially when it comes to this test. It covers the syllabus charted out for high school. It is divided into two parts, each containing 25 questions, which have to be completed in 45 minutes. The Math section assesses the basic understanding of the principles of Mathematics. Broadly, some of the components that are measured in this section are:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Interpretation of word and graphic formats of problems
  • Analytical and reasoning skills

Test takers are required to hone these skills so they can fare well in this section. You can look for some of the sample questions at the official website at:

GED Practice Math Preparation

There are many classes, which guide the students through their preparation. Let us look at some of these preparation classes:

  1. GEDforFREE: It is a free online website for test takers preparing for this test. All the five subjects are treated separately. This is a good place for you to begin your preparation with and determine your problem areas, if any. This website is of special use since added focus is laid on Math. You will need to register with this website before beginning your preparation. You can begin with taking a challenging sample test here. They also provide you with a scoring chart to determine your scores. It is a simple and hassle-free program to begin with. Here is the link to their webpage:

  2. Mc Graw Hill: You will find all the chapters treated separately in this website. It is a perfect substitute for your Mathematics text book and more. It works both ways; as a guide, as well as a portal of sample papers. You can work chapter-wise on this website and build your knowledge of Math. Additionally, each chapter is equipped with fun quizzes, review questions, outlines of each chapter, flashcards, weblinks, as well as a very useful math handbook. Find the link to the official website here:

  3. Learning Trends: Their principle is to provide education for all at a reasonable price. They follow the trend which is that of home-schooling. They provide free math worksheets once you have registered with them. You will also be directed towards many resources for preparation at their portal. This is one website with many teaching resources such as: Practice Math, Math Vocabulary, Math Learning Objects, Free Math Flash Cards, Free Math Downloads, Free Multiplication Worksheets to name some. You will find them at this link:

  4. Your Teacher: This website comes with a slogan; 'your personal math teacher', and this is proven to be quite correct. This is a one-stop solution, which means you will hardly need the help of other sources once you enroll. Students have the opportunity to attend a demo class, as they enter the website. Here the classes are conducted online with the help of online classrooms. Individual students are assigned personal tutors who steer them through their preparation. Students are also provided with diagnostic pre-tests that determine where they stand at the beginning of their preparation. Look at what others say about "Your Teacher" at their official webpage here:

  5. Universal Class: This is yet another online classroom for students. This one is much more interactive as compared to others. They have the entire testing format explained, broken down and fed to the students in a way that can be retained by them for a longer duration of time. You will find loads of practice sheets and test-taking tips on their website. The basic course duration is 6 months. Here is the link to their website:

Do not enroll in more than one or two of these classes at a time. It is not the number of classes but the number of hours of practice that will fetch you good scores.