Some Points To Remember While Taking The GED From Pennsylvania

How to get GED in Pennsylvania?

GED refers to a series of tests that are administered by states and jurisdictions throughout United States. These tests had originally begun in 1942 for assisting the soldiers of World War II to complete their education and come back to the general life of a civilian. However, by 1947, this test could be taken by every citizen of the United States who could not complete his/her high school education. By taking it, the test takers demonstrate their skills and adequacy corresponding with that of a high school course. Since it is governed by separate states, the diploma or the certificate that is awarded to the successful candidates also varies with each state.

GED Format in Pennsylvania

The test cannot be taken online and the students have to take it in an official test center in Pennsylvania. The aspirants should contact the test center in order to get information about the fees and the details of registration for taking this test. It contains the following five sections:

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Writing

The duration of this test is seven hours and five minutes. To know the nearest test center, the students should type the zip code in the website of American Council for Education (

How to get GED in Pennsylvania?

By taking this test, the candidates get an opportunity to complete their high school education. Let us consider these steps that will allow the residents to take the test:

  • It can be taken by the residents of this state who have completed 18 years of age (age waivers available).
  • For taking this test, an individual must be a legal resident of this state and should have never received a diploma from high school or a corresponding certificate.
  • The residents of Pennsylvania must provide all the documents related to personal identification for taking the test.
  • In order to obtain it, an aspiring resident of the state should not be enrolled in a public or private school of secondary education.
  • The test is available in English, French and Spanish.
  • The test takers should achieve a combined score of 2250 to pass in these tests.
  • Although the residents can retake each test thrice within a year, the frequency of retaking the tests is at the sole discretion of the Chief Examiner.
  • The aspirants can prepare for this test by taking free classes online and also avail the free classes that are conducted in community colleges or take lessons from the learning centers that are located across the state.
  • The Department of Education confers a diploma to a test taker who has successfully completed the tests and obtained the passing score.
  • The diploma can be obtained by the test takers by filling the request form along with a payment of $3 and mailing it to the office at Department of Education in Pennsylvania.

GED Pennsylvania and its Significance

The scores are accepted by most colleges and universities for admission. Besides this, the transcripts are also considered by a majority of US employers as similar to a high school diploma. By taking these tests and getting the desired score, the residents of Pennsylvania can expect to scale newer heights with their academic pursuits and employment possibilities.


This is an excellent way to brighten the future of those residents who have not completed their high school education. It also paves the way for the residents to get better opportunities while seeking higher education or better employment opportunities in Pennsylvania. Millions of American residents have benefited from the program that offers an alternative method to the citizens of Pennsylvania to earn a high school diploma and fulfill their academic goals and with the information supplied in this article, it would become easy for them to take this test in future.