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Top 5 Online GED Classes

Even though you cannot attempt the test online, you can prepare for it through online classes. These classes can be accessed from the comfort of your home, office or any other place that you are comfortable with. The only requirement is the availability of a computer with internet access and the willingness to learn.

Most of the classes require that you attempt a mock test before you enroll with them. This provides them with the information of how to plan your study, which areas need more concentration and how long you need to study.

Some of the online classes provide the preparation for free; some provide the practice tests for free but require that you pay for the classes. They provide you with the necessary study materials which are included in the fees.

Some classes provide an online tutor who is available for clarifying your doubts; the person can be contacted through e-mail, chat or through the toll-free number. Assignments are provided after every class, which need to be completed and submitted for getting proper feedback. In case you need additional preparation materials you can buy preparatory books or can hire them from a library. When you have completed your preparation, you can attempt the practice tests, which will help in checking the pace of your learning. If you are satisfied with the scores received in the practice tests, then you can confidently appear for the real exam. Otherwise, you need to prepare again with full concentration.

Review of Some GED Online Classes

There are several classes available online, which can be selected according to one's requirement.

  • Classes for Language Arts Writing section are available at For the Social Studies test information is available at Similarly for Science you can visit, for Language Arts Reading visit, and for Mathematics you can go to
  • Online Training course ( is a preparatory course that provides online training for those preparing for the test. The course material is so designed that even a school dropout can use it for preparation.
  • "GED Prep Online" is another website offering online classes. You can continue studying this course till you feel that you are ready for the test. As the classes are offered online, you can access them at your convenience and pace.
  • Universal class ( is a website that provides online training sessions. It provides preparation materials for all the five tests. It also provides links to additional resources that you can refer to and also provides tips and strategies that need to be taken care of while attempting the exam. You are provided several practice tests and a list of books that can be used for preparation. This online course claims to prepare the test-takers in all the five tests and after completing the course the students become masters in all the areas of the test like, grammar, spellings, essay, history, science etc.
  • GED Online Class ( offers online preparation courses. Before starting your classes you are required to attempt a placement test (TABE test) which provides information regarding your level of knowledge. Based on this result, your classes will be scheduled. You will be provided a username and password through which you can start your preparation.

In today's busy world, online learning is the most sought out option by the candidates. It provides them the advantage of preparing at a time and place convenient to them. As the materials and support staff is available at the click of a mouse, online classes are becoming the latest trend for preparation.

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