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GED came into being in 1942 during World War 2. It basically measures the skills and knowledge that one has acquired trough informal means of education. The test needs the student to prove the ability to think about a number of issues. A number of changes have been coming up periodically in the test. The test that is being used today is the January 2002 version. People usually take this test to become better educated, to feel good about themselves and to get a good job.


The online classes are of two types, one that are run by the private coaching institutions and the other that are run by the registered colleges and universities dealing with the classes.
Basically online classes are those classes, which are available on Internet and are best suited for those types of learners who for some reason cannot attend the regular classes and thus looking for the study from home flexibility. The class provides an opportunity to such students to do majority of the study online. A student can take these classes at home or at the local library, where the Internet connection is available.
In order to be a part of the online classes, the student must be the resident of that particular state in which he wants to take up the lessons and should be able to access the on site classroom to appear for the practice tests and be able to visit the website at least once in every 90 days. All that is needed to be a part of the online class is that the student should fill up a registration form and thus the student will be handed over a user name and a password to gain an entry into the GED online course.


These facilities help students to work from their home and at their own pace and thus gain high school adult education, without even having to step out of their homes. It acts like a home tutor. A student can appear for the practice tests from home, can transfer the answers to the website and can get the grades online. Through the online facility, the student can also get the answers to the questions. Highly qualified instructors grade the answers and provide useful tips. It provides suggestions for practice test, which help the student to work on and improve his weak areas. It is time saving also, as all the relevant and required information is made available online. The student can study anywhere provided he has an Internet access. The students learning is not limited to the classroom. He can study at any time that suits him best, be it day or night.

The preparation facilities help in keeping a track of the progress that the student makes. The main test is made up of five subjects and the student must get at least 410 scores in each of the tests. It sometimes becomes tiresome and confusing to keep a record of the scores and number of tests and the syllabus of each test manually. Moreover it proves to be very time consuming and thus drifts away the student from his studies. Thus online services prove to be very helpful, as they help a student in taking the practice test, recording the test scores and also tell the student as to where he went wrong and how he should improve upon it and thus provide online practice lessons to work on.

The whole process is in a step-by-step order. Every time the student will log onto the web site, he will be guided as to what he has done and what he has to do next.


Instructions for the course are provided online. The instructor keeps a check on the students progress by evaluating his test and scores and thus giving assignments based on the progress that the student has made. They help the student with the queries that he might have related with the different subject matters. The student can interact with them through emails, telephones etc. The instructors also hold online interactive sessions and workshops

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