Some Points That Candidates Taking The GED From Ohio Must Remember

Importance of GED for those in Ohio

This is a five-subject test that is available for those who have not graduated from or enrolled in a high school. The test evaluates whether you have the educational skills comparable to the American or Canadian high school-level. If you are an Ohio resident planning to take the test, you must know about it since the testing policies vary for different jurisdictions and states.

The testing battery includes five subjects: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts-Reading, and Language Arts-Writing. In order to take the test, you must satisfy the testing policies related to the age, residency and eligibility conditions required by Ohio. The following tips will be useful for those who want to know about the test:

Residency and Age Requirements for GED Ohio

  • You need not be a resident of Ohio if you want to take the test in Ohio.
  • The minimum age requirement for taking the test as well as for receiving the credential is 19 years. The minimum age limit of 16 years is allowed if you provide additional documentation. You must have 18 years of school attendance. For more details, contact the testing administrator's office of your jurisdiction (

GED Ohio Testing Fee

  • The fees for the full test battery is $40.
  • The retest fee is $10 per battery.

GED Ohio Scores and Credential

  • You have to get a minimum score to pass the test. An individual subject score of 410 and a combined score of 2250 is the minimum passing score requirement.
  • You have to be a parental waiver/school age waiver/16 years old and must have the score that is equal to or greater than the minimum passing score required by the testing administration in order to receive a credential. The title of the credential issued in Ohio is "Ohio High School Equivalency Diploma".

Official GED Testing Centers in Ohio

The test can be taken only at the official test centers and cannot be taken online. There are 98 official testing centers in Ohio. To get the list of testing centers with their contact details, you can visit the website

Language Editions of the GED Test available in Ohio

You can take the test here in only Spanish language. However, you are not required to take the ESL (English as a Second Language) test. The testing administration allows you to combine the scores of the English and Spanish language editions of the test.

GED Ohio Retesting Policy

  • It is not necessary to complete the full testing battery before taking a retest.
  • There is no waiting period required for retaking a failed test.

You can pass it with proper preparation and practice. Prepare for this test from the comfort of your home with the best study guides/books, workbooks, online study materials, practice tests, GED connection on television and videos. The study materials available at the official websites of the testing service, Kentucky Educational Television (KET), Steck-Vaughn and Paxen Learning are recommended. You can also get professional guidance from a local educational center. To find it, you can use the America's Literacy Directory of the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL). You can even call the NIFL to know this detail.

To know more details on the testing policies in Ohio, you can refer to the website