Information For Candidates Taking The GED From North Carolina

How to Get GED in North Carolina?

What GED North Carolina Offers?

A resident of North Carolina who has completed 18 years of age can take the test in English and Spanish. It provides an opportunity to pursue higher education as well as opens up better employment opportunities. A better education and a good job provide good money which is necessary for building up a good future. It offers various preparation programs which are available at over 50 community colleges in North Carolina. These community colleges also work as official testing locations.

The test also provides an opportunity for the school dropouts to earn a credential equivalent to the high school diploma. As this certificate is recognized by all the educational and employment institutions, it provides better opportunities for shaping up the future for those who were not able to complete their regular high school studies.

Format of GED North Carolina

The candidates need to appear for five subject tests which include: Science, Social studies, Mathematics, Language Arts (Writing) and Language Arts (Reading). An average score of 450 is needed for passing. Candidates getting this score are awarded diplomas by the State Board of the North Carolina Community College System. In case you don't pass in the first attempt, you can take a retest. There is no fee for a retest.


If you have completed 18 years of age, you can appear for this exam. In case you are 16 or 17 years old, then you need to submit a release form signed by the official of the last school that you have attended. The eligibility requirements of the various testing centers are different and need to be verified before applying.

GED North Carolina Transcripts

For obtaining the transcripts, you need to fill the Transcript Request Form and submit it at the office. The form can be downloaded for free from the link: The office provides copies of the transcripts for free but you cannot get a duplicate diploma. The duplicate transcripts are available within a period of 4 to 5 weeks after you make a request.

Information Regarding GED North Carolina

Information regarding the test is available at the hotline no. 919-807-7139. Details are also available at the North Carolina Community College System website: and at the American Literacy directory website: The American Council on Education (ACE) website: can also be visited for getting information.

Registration Process

The registration for the test needs to be done at the testing center where you wish to take the test. Many testing center options are available, so the registration process will be very easy. For more information regarding the test centers you can visit the link:

Preparation Methods

Preparation for the test can be done by joining preparatory classes or by opting for self study. Joining classes will help in better preparation as it exposes you to various preparation styles. It also provides several practice tests which familiarize you with the real one. The scores received in the online practice tests give an idea about how well prepared you are. Classes are also available at the local community colleges and at the adult education centers. But if you want to prepare by the self study option, then there are several resources which are available for your preparation. You can visit the library, bookstore and online sites for selecting the preparation materials.

How to Get GED in North Carolina?

GED can be achieved by preparing well and by registering in time. This ensures that you get the test date and center of your choice. An early registration also provides ample time for preparation. Attempting several practice tests will help in checking your pace of study. When you are prepared well, appear for the exam with confidence. If you obtain the desired score you will be awarded with the diploma.