Some Essential Details Regarding The GED For Candidates From New Jersey

Details of GED Tests for Those in New Jersey

The State of New Jersey encourages adult education by offering individuals, who haven't got a high school diploma, the opportunity of taking GED tests. Passing the test certifies that these individuals possess high-school level education and skills by awarding them a diploma which is issued by the state. It is offered in all three languages-English, Spanish and French.

Eligibility Requirements

If an individual wants to take this test, he must be a resident of the State of New Jersey and must be at least 16 years of age. The candidate should not be enrolled in a regular high school. He must not hold a high school diploma or its equivalent or should not have already graduated from high school. If the candidate is 16 or 17 years of age, he will have to prove that he is not enrolled in a regular high school by filling up a Certificate of Consent to Participate Form. This form can be downloaded from This form is partially completed by the guardian and partially by the candidate himself.

Applying for GED New Jersey

The State of New Jersey has made applying for the test easier, by making the option of registering online available to prospective candidates. This option is only available to those students who are registering for the test for the first time and have not appeared for it before. Thus, those candidates who are applying to retest are not provided with this option. Visit to register online. The process is relatively easy. Make an account or log in if you already have an account. Fill up the application form completely and make sure that all details match those in your official government IDs. Click 'continue' and wait for an email from On receiving the email, click on the link and you will be transported back to where you will have to log in. After logging in, you will have to provide your Social Security Number. Fill out the next few pages of the form and submit this information. An access code will be provided. Be sure to keep this code safe as you will be using it to check your results later on.

Remember that this is only the pre-registration process. You will have to contact your test center for confirming test dates, schedules, fees and other information including your identity proofs. You can locate a test center near you by following this link - Registration can also be done in person. Those individuals who are retesting have no option but to register in person. The registration fee is $50. Fee for a retest is $10 per subject.

Special Accommodations

Candidates with disabilities can apply for special testing accommodations. Official tests centers are bound to provide these special accommodations to such candidates or they stop qualifying as a test center. However, mere existence of a disability does not mean that these accommodations will be provided to a candidate. Such requests are judged individually for each candidate. To apply, you can download the requisite form from the official website of American Council on Education ( i.e. ACE. Along with the form, you must submit your doctor's reports as well as the attestation of that qualified professional doctor who is relevant when it comes to your particular disability. You have the option of appealing the decision passed if it is not in your favor.

Preparing for GED New Jersey

The State recommends some preparation methods in addition to whatever means you may be following, be it self-study, enrolling in classes or taking online training. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development runs a number of courses to help you with your preparation. Check the following website: to find out more. You can also visit ACE's official website ( for more tips on how to prepare.

Passing Requirements

To obtain the diploma, you must obtain a minimum score of 410 on 800 on each subject as well as a minimum total score of 2250 on 4000 i.e. an average of 450 per subject. If you are giving the test in French or Spanish, you will have to further qualify in ESL or Test of English as a Second Language. For further information, visit the State's official website ( for the battery tests.

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