Information For Candidates Taking The GED From Nevada

How to Get GED in Nevada?

This is a boon to many of the adults who have missed out on getting a high school diploma. Like in other states, the general rules and regulations of the American Council on Education are followed in Nevada.

Eligibility Criteria

To take up the test, a few criteria have to be satisfied.

  • Residency- Only residents of Nevada can take up the test in Nevada. This is similar to all other states of the US. Non-US citizens, residing in Nevada can also take up the test provided the other requirements are satisfied.
  • Age- Only if you are 18 years or above, can you take up the test. The minimum age is waived under certain conditions.

For 16-17 years

A school district's board of trustees may grant permission if a written requisition is submitted by a person who resides in the school district. He/she should also submit a written permission signed by the parent or guardian, should not have completed or enrolled in a high school and should satisfy the other requirements of the board of trustees. Permission from the State Board of Education is not necessary to take up the test.

For 17-18 years

If a written permission signed by a parent or guardian is submitted along with a letter or certificate showing that the candidate has withdrawn from school, the candidate may be allowed to sit for the exam.


Fee for taking up the entire battery is $60. There is no fee for retaking a subject of the test in the same center. You can retake the test up to 2 times in a year.

Testing Centers

You can find a testing center closest to you by entering your Zip code at Details about the fee, testing date, languages offered can be obtained by contacting the center administrator during working hours.

Languages Offered

Spanish, French and English are offered. All centers do not offer this test in all the three languages. It is advised to contact the center where you will be taking up the test for availability of Spanish or French.

Passing the Test

Like in all other states, you have to get a minimum of 410 in each of the subjects and a total score of 2250 to pass. If you fail in any of the subjects, you can retake the test.


If you have not passed in any of the subjects, you can retake the test. All the 5 subject tests must be taken before you retake a single subject. If you retake a test, a different form of the edition of the test will be given to you. Though you can retest any number of times, availability of the other forms limits your number of retests to 2 in a year.


To pass in any test, preparation is a must. In order to pass the examination, preparation is very important. There are numerous opportunities to prepare for the test. Many books are available at the library and local book shops for preparation. Classes are also aired on television by public television stations. Internet is another option for preparation. A study plan can be created with the help of your education provider. An assessment test will be given to you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. The study plan will be designed based on the assessment test results. Educational programs sponsored by the state and school district are usually free. If you prepare well using the resources you will definitely pass the examination.

Special Accommodations

With relevant medical records showing your disability, you can get accommodations for taking up the test with special requirements.