GED Information For Candidates From Las Vegas

Details of GED for Those in Las Vegas

The test is conducted worldwide in many formats and under various rules. Every state in the US has a different expectation from the candidates and therefore has different rules for them. It is a combination of five tests that measure whether the individuals taking the tests have equal level of academic proficiency, as any other high school graduate from the US or not.

Las Vegas is a city in the Nevada state of the USA. The city is very popular for entertainment and gambling and therefore, is very thickly populated. The tests are very commonly taken from Las Vegas and the Nevada Department of Education is the legal administrator.

Details for GED Las Vegas under the Nevada Department of Education are given below:

The rules....

GED certificates will be given only to candidates taking the test  who are residents of Nevada. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule and the Nevada Department of Education does have some policies for individuals who are not residents of Nevada. The provisions for non-residents and these exceptions need to be checked with the testing centers at the time of registering for the test.

The price....

The price of the test battery can amount to US$ 60. Ideally, every candidate needs to check with their test centers to obtain the payment options for their fees. The details of the structure of the tests and whether or not they can take the different versions of the tests need to be found out at the centers as well. The tests may or may not be conducted simultaneously at every test center. Candidates have to be prepared to take the test. The tests can be held in any part of the world on separate days, as the tests are not necessarily conducted back-to-back.

The age limit....

Candidates have to qualify within an age limit. The official age is 18 but certain exceptions for the age limit are provided by The Department of Education.

The scores....

The tests are scored on a test-wise basis. Though the minimum scores for every test have been decided by the testing service (the official administrator of the GED tests) but, every state follows a different rule to award certifications to the candidates. The Department accepts 450 as the minimum average score and 410 as the minimum test score for every section. The total average score of the tests should not be less than 2250.

The test centers....

The state of Nevada is divided into counties. Las Vegas is under the Clark County and there are around 3 listed test centres. The addresses for these centres are:

  • Clark County School District 2701 East St. Louis Avenue Las Vegas, NV
  • College of Southern Nevada 6375 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV
  • College of Southern Nevada 3200 East Cheyenne Ave C1H North Las Vegas, NV

After the test....

Candidates, who have taken the test and want to apply to get their test transcripts need to mail the transcript request form to the department of education. They can mail the forms to the Las Vegas office or to the head office. The official address is:

  • 9890 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 221 Las Vegas, Nevada 89183.

Final Word

Every state that conducts the tests has unique rules and formats. Within the states also, there are various cities and test centres which have different infrastructural and other limitations. For a clear idea about all the aspects of the tests and official details, candidates should visit the link