Information For Candidates Taking The GED From Kentucky

Steps for GED Certification in Kentucky

It is an American or Canadian high school diploma equivalent certification. The test is taken by people who do not possess a high school diploma. This certification is accepted, in place of a high school diploma, by almost all the universities, colleges, employers and various other institutions across the USA. It is administered by the American Council on Education (ACE).

How to Get GED in Kentucky?

The test is supervised by the Kentucky Adult Education, a government board in Kentucky. It is designed by the ACE. However, the eligibility criteria are set by the Kentucky Adult Education board. Further, the testing centers, application forms and accommodations etc are all managed and supervised by the board. Hence, if you are a resident of Kentucky and wish to take the exam, then you should meet the requirements laid down.

Eligibility Criteria for Taking GED in Kentucky

You should meet the following requirements:

  • You should be a resident of Kentucky and you must provide your Kentucky address as a proof.
  • You should be at least 19 years of age or older.
  • If you fall in the age-group of 16 to 19 years, then you can also take the test only if you satisfy one of the special conditions mentioned below:
    • You should have been officially withdrawn from a public or private school for a period of 3 months and you should present a proof of withdrawal in order to be eligible for the test.
    • You should have withdrawn from a private or public school and should have received a superintendent's waiver for a period of 3 months for either conditional employment or family reasons etc.

Apart from the criteria mentioned above, there are certain other exemptions that you should know. You can visit the official website in order to know more:

Testing, Registration and Scoring Information

If you meet the above said requirements, you can proceed to register for the test. You can register from an official testing center near you. You should visit a local testing center in order to get certified as test-ready. Then, you can apply for the test right from the testing center itself. It is priced at US $60. The board administers the test in the US state of Kentucky through 41 test centers in a total number of 76 counties. You can visit the following link to find the list of all the official test centers. Click on the county name to find the full address of the test center location:

The credential or the certificate is given only to those candidates who clear the exam with the minimum score requirements as set by the state education board. Basically, the test is evaluated on a score scale of 200 to 800. In Kentucky, in order to obtain the certification, you will have to score a minimum of 410 in each of the five tests and you must obtain an average score of 450 throughout all the tests. Thus, the minimum obtainable total score to pass the exam is 2250. If you cannot meet the said minimum score requirements, you will have to go through the testing again.

Prep Options

"The Kentucky Virtual Adult Education" is an online tutoring platform where you can get trained from a real instructor. You can also visit the local community colleges or the adult learning centers for help in preparing. On the official website, you can find the list of adult learning centers.