GED Certification Process in NYC

This is a test that evaluates your knowledge in a group of five subjects which are Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Language Arts: Reading and Language Arts: Writing. This exam is held throughout US and Canada and certifies that the test-taker has high school level knowledge and skills. The test is taken by those who could not otherwise graduate high school due to certain circumstances. It is to put them at par with the knowledge and skills possessed by a high school graduate so as to provide them with further job opportunities or to seek admission in colleges.

Finding a Test Centre:

Taking this test is a somewhat easy process as New York State has not just one test center, but five of them. You can take it in any of the three languages permitted by the State-English, French and Spanish. However, there is only one test center that accommodates test-takers who wish to take the exam in French or Spanish and this test center is located in Manhattan. The examination office in Albany is the only one authorized to issue diplomas in New York State but you will have to contact the test center closest to you to find out the testing schedule as that is not handled by the head office in Albany.

Eligibility Criteria:

People wishing to take the test have to fulfill some eligibility criteria. First of all, there is a different set of eligibility criteria for students who are 16 years old (, 17 or 18 years old (, and those who are 19 and above ( which can be found out by visiting the aforementioned links. These set of requirements basically deal with confirming identity, age, residence, number of school years attended which should conform with the minimum compulsory school years, eligibility etc.

Next, students are required to fulfill the condition of having lived within the territory of New York State for a period of at least thirty days prior to the test date to be able to qualify. They should not be enrolled in a regular high school or its equivalent. If candidates want to reappear for the test, they can do so only after a period of 60 days has elapsed. The test cannot be retaken more than thrice in a 12 month period which starts from your first attempt of the test.

Requesting Special Testing Accommodations:

It is administered in keeping with the standard test procedures formulated by the testing service and New York State Education Department. These procedures can make appearing for the test very difficult for students with disabilities. Thus, such students can apply for special testing accommodations. The department provides special accommodations for students with the following disabilities:

  • Physical disorders or chronic health disabilities
  • Emotional or psychiatric disorders
  • Learning and other cognitive disabilities
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder

Students can find forms for special requests by visiting the following website: or they can obtain these forms from their local test center. Proper documentation of the disorder will be needed along with medical reports. New York State Education Department carries out these requests in complete confidence and no knowledge of these are passed further on.

You can give the test whenever you are ready. The entire test takes more than seven hours to complete all five subjects and all five subjects are tested on the same day. Each test is scored from 200 to 800 marks and a minimum of 410 marks are necessary to pass each subject but the average test scores for a subject should be 450 to obtain your diploma. This means that a total minimum score of 2250 is to be achieved.

For further information, you can visit which is the official site for testing in the State of New York.