Taking The GED From Florida

Importance of GED for Those in Florida

Importance of GED in Florida

Every year, many residents in Florida quit their studies due to reasons such as financial crisis, family care and so on. It offers them an opportunity to return to an academic career. It provides them with a chance to earn a certificate equivalent to their high school diploma at a stage when they are able to support themselves and can concentrate on their studies. Those who had quit their studies because of financial crisis can continue their studies when they have a job to support them. By getting their GED, they also get a better employment opportunity. After completing their test, if interested, they can continue their education. The certificate is equivalent to the Florida High School Diploma and is accepted by all educational institutions and employment agencies.

The Format

It is conducted in the same manner as in other states. The candidates are required to appear for the five sections. The minimum score required in each section is 410 and the average score is set at 450 across all sections. It is available in English and Spanish. In case, you are not able to pass the test with the first attempt, you can retake it three times in a year. For more information, you can visit the official website of the Florida Department of Education. You can refer to the official site for various information regarding test dates, test center, preparation resources, services for the disabled etc. Any information related to the test is available at this link: http://ged.fldoe.org

The number of candidates appearing and passing the test is increasing every year. This may be because passing the test provides candidates with different options for brightening up their future.


Several preparation courses are available in Florida, which can be selected according to one's convenience. Online courses, Live courses, classes by private tutor etc. are the common options available for preparation. Apart from these, you can opt for study guides and preparatory books which are available in a book store or a library. The books in the library may be a little old, so you need to check the publication date before selecting the books.

As you begin with the preparation, set a goal that needs to be achieved daily. Don't keep everything for the last minute. Each section of the test needs to be given equal importance and should be studied properly. Attempt as many practice tests as possible, this will give an idea about the real test. You can select from the various options that are available for preparation.

After passing, you must submit a request at the office for getting a copy of your diploma. As it does not accept requests made by phone and e-mail, you must submit a written request at the office. Your certificate is sent to you within a week's time after receiving the application.

As more and more institutions are demanding that candidates possess at least a high school diploma, more school dropouts are preparing for the test. It helps them in building up a brighter future by providing a chance to earn a status equivalent to that of the high school diploma offered by the State of Florida.

Therefore, it provides an opportunity for fulfilling one's dreams of achieving a better life by getting a good education and a better job.

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