Important Features of California GED

Steps for GED Certification in California

This is an examination that all candidates who could not pursue high school studies due to certain unforeseen circumstances can appear for. The diploma ensures that you can get back into mainstream studies or pursue a successful career. However, the examination differs depending on the place from where you are appearing for the examination. For example if you are appearing for the test from Canada then you will have to answer questions on Canadian issues and history. Hence, to help you understand the examination better the various features, steps and process will be discussed in the following sections.

California GED Eligibility

Adults residing in California, who could not complete their high school studies, could consider appearing for the test. If you pass, then you will be awarded a diploma which will be a 'California High School Equivalency Certificate'. The specific requirements that a candidate has to meet are as follows:

  • You should be living in California.
  • You should be at least 18 years old. If you are younger, then your 18th birthday should be within 60 days of the test date that you have selected.
  • You must have left your high school for at least 60 consecutive days and cannot pursue high school studies.

If you need more information regarding eligibility criteria, you could visit the official website which is as follows:

In California you can appear for the test in languages other than English. But, if you do so you will have to appear for an ESL test later on to prove your proficiency in English. However, fulfilling the eligibility criteria is the first step to take the test. The registration process is discussed in the following section.

Register for the Test

Once you have started preparing, you should know how to register for it. In order to register for the test you will have to visit your local testing center and fill out some forms. The forms will let ACE know that you are not eligible to pursue high school studies and hence wish to appear for the test. The examination fees vary from center to center.

In order to register, you will have to pay registration fees of at least $100. You will also need residential and identity proofs. Ensure that you are carrying them on the day of registration. There are nearly 190 testing sites in California. If you have not passed the examination in the first try, you can take a retest immediately. There is no waiting period between examinations (in case of retests). If you want to know the location of your nearest testing center then click on the following link:

Once you have registered for the examination you should start preparing for the test and this is the final step. The preparatory processes are discussed in the following section.

Preparatory Options For Students From California

The examination is same for all states of USA (it is only a little different if you are appearing for it from Canada). Hence, you will be appearing for the same test as your counterparts in other states of the country. However, the marks criteria for admission in colleges of California are different. Thus, you will have to prepare for the examination keeping in mind the admissions criteria of the colleges you wish to apply in. The minimum score that you will have to get in order to pass the test is 2250 with 410 in each section.

As you prepare for the test you could consider the test preparation available on the official website. You could also contact the adult education center near your residence. The website that will help you locate it is as follows: This website will help you find classes which you can attend in order to prepare. Preparation is of paramount importance if you wish to fare well in the examination. This test may be a little expensive but it is definitely an investment worth making if you wish to progress in the field of education or your career.

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