Information For Candidates Taking The GED From Georgia

GED Testing Details for those in Georgia

Taking GED from Georgia:

Certain individuals in Georgia, who could not complete their high school education, can earn an equivalent high school credential by taking this test. It is a group of exams that measures your ability and skills required for high school study. Individuals can take the test if he/she dropped out of school or could not acquire a diploma. After taking the exam, the test takers receive a certified diploma. It opens up a host of opportunities for career improvement and postsecondary study. Most of the colleges in Georgia accept these scores as an eligibility criterion for higher courses. Even the employers at various organizations accept the scores as legal criterion for granting jobs.

Test Format of GED:

It tests your skills in five subject-areas, namely:

  • Language of Arts, Part I and II: Writing
  • Language of Arts: Reading
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences

The question format includes multiple-choice questions, passage-based questions, an essay question and alternate format questions (in the Mathematics section only). The essay question asks you to frame a coherent essay based on a given essay prompt. The alternate format questions ask you to enter your own responses in specialized or coordinate grids.

GED Testing Eligibility in Georgia:

To register for the test:

  • You must not have a diploma from a recognized high school or possess a high school equivalent certificate/diploma.
  • You must not be a student in a high school.
  • You must be of 16 years of age.
  • You must receive a special needs approval. Contact your nearest testing centre for information on receiving this approval.
  • You should have a valid photo ID.
  • You do not necessarily have to be a resident of Georgia to take the test from Georgia. However, Georgian citizenship is necessary to receive the GED Georgia HOPE fund.

HOPE Scholarship Program in Georgia:

The HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) fund is granted to those pupils, who score a Grade Point Average (GPA) of more than 3.0 in the test. This academic voucher is an initiative by Georgia itself. It assists the Georgian test takers with funds for tuition, allowance for books and required fees. The HOPE fund of $3500 is granted to deserving Georgian candidates who opt for Georgian universities and colleges. You have to be a resident of Georgia to claim for the scholarship.

Testing Information of GED from Georgia:

The test fee is $95 for a battery of five tests, each costing $19. You need to score 410 in each of the five sections and have an average of 450 to pass the test. Retesting is allowed in Georgia only after certain criteria. If you have an average score of 430 or better, you can sit for re-examination. However, in case you have an average score between 400 and 429, you would have to wait for three months before retesting. Alternatively, you have to provide proofs of remedial study for retesting. In case your scores fall below 400, you need to wait for six months or provide evidence of remedial study completion.

Preparing to Take GED from Georgia:

It is important to take the preparation very seriously. In order to qualify the tests, you must focus on your preparation and eradicate all sorts of distractions. College entrance can become tough and hard with low scores. Taking the test with all your dedication can work wonders.

You can enrol in courses or buy books for self study. In order to find courses near your locality, you should visit: However, in the following list, we have given you the names of some books. Click on the hyperlink given alongside each book's name to get a better view:

There are authorized testing accommodations in Georgia for the test takers with mental or physical ailments. Learning disabilities, psychiatric and psychological conditions or ADHD are some common issues for which the testing centres have accommodations.

Once you have aced the test, you can apply for college courses, jobs and higher education. The test brings you back the hope you lost while giving up studies in school days. It brings back the lost opportunities to give you a better hold on your future life and career.