Prepare For The GED From Home

Options for GED Prep from Home

Every individual has a personal preference when it comes to preparation for examinations. While some people would like to proactively enrol themselves with live-courses and classroom sessions, others prefer to prepare from the sanctity of their homes. These days, advanced technology has made preparation from home quite an easy task and the internet serves as a great tool for preparing from home.

Let's explore a few options of preparing for GED from home....

Option# 1: Online Resources

When it comes to convenience, nothing can beat the online courses and sample tests that are available to prepare for the test. Online courses are prevalent on every other website that a student can access. Many websites also provide subject-specific sample tests that can be accessed from home. For each of these online resources, students have to remember that not every resource is legal or genuine. The first step before starting to study through the resources available online is to refer to the official website, which is as follows: The website has an official guide. Students should go through the website, its online services and free sample tests. By doing this, they will not only get a good understanding of the requirements for the test, but also easily gauge which online course is better for them from the many options that they come across. Online reference should be done keeping in mind the recommendations given on the official website. Even if students are taking renowned courses, they should double-check to find out if the format and structure of the courses are in line with the current requirements of the tests. Some of the online recommendations provided by the official website are:

  • The Learning Hub by the GED Testing Service: This is a self-help online official practice program that consists of sample test papers and test-taking techniques. This is a very helpful resource for individuals studying from home. To know more about this portal, visit the following link: The official website provides many other options for preparation. These can be viewed at:

  • KET Adult Learning: There are only a couple of programs that the testing service recommends for preparing for the test from home or otherwise. KET Adult Learning is one such resource which is recommended by the testing service and that helps students prepare for the tests, from the convenience of their homes. To know more about KET, visit the following link

Option# 2: Books, Libraries and Personal Notes

Books are the most primitive and also the most useful resources for the preparation of any test. Books can be procured from libraries as well as purchased from book stores. Students should make notes while referring to books so that they can remember the key points. A few good books are Cracking the GED by Princeton Review, GED for Dummies, Peterson's Master the GED Series etc. Many books are also available online. These can either be purchased from certain websites or some of them can also be downloaded for free. However, before referring to any book, students should remember to check the authenticity of the subject-matter in it. They should also cross-check with their teachers or guides to know if the books are actually helpful or not. Many online forums are available where students can register and clarify their doubts about their study materials, to study from home. It is best for students to wisely choose, which of the many books available for the tests will really help them prepare.

Option # 3: The Television

Though not a very common resource, the television is another option that can be used to prepare for the test. In some countries there are special educational channels that are meant especially for the preparation of the tests. Some other countries have general educational channels which may not necessarily be directed towards preparation but can be helpful in procuring a good amount of knowledge for the various subjects of the tests. Though they are helpful, television channels should not be used as a singular resource to study, as they will only be helpful for gaining general information.

Apart from the above-mentioned options, students can use their ingenuity and study from many other resources. Family, teachers, friends, self-help books, library groups etc. are all resources that can, in one way or the other contribute to preparation.