GED Examination

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Social Science Exam

The Social Science section is made up of 50 multiple choice questions, to be completed in 80 minutes. The candidate will have to answer the questions based on economics, geography, civics and government, and history related to America and Canada. Maps, charts, political cartoons, tables, speeches, articles and photographs can also be given, followed by a number of questions based on them. Questions related to natural resources, flora and fauna, climate and other such related topics would be put.

Mathematics Exam

In the Mathematics section, a total of 50 questions will be put, to be completed in 90 minutes. The exam will be divided into two equal portions, each containing 25 questions. Both the portions will carry equal weight age. The questions will be related to geometry, algebra, data analysis, number operations, problem solving, measurements, statistics, number sense and functions and patterns.

The candidate will be allowed to make use of a calculator to solve the problems, but its use will be restricted in part 2. In part 2, the candidate will have to make use of mental math to solve the problems. The questions that will be put may not be completely multiple-choice questions. The candidate must possess the basic knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, so that he is able to solve the problems given.

This section is basically conducted to check the candidates' understanding of the mathematical concepts and how he applies them in various situations.

GED Exam Preparation

To prepare for the examination, the candidate can consult a number of books that are easily available or can also visit the official websites and thus gather all the required information. Some of the books that the candidate can consult are, "Cracking the GED" by Princeton Review (Author), "GED Success" by Peterson S (Author), "How to Prepare for the GED" by Scot Cameron, "Complete GED Preparation" by Steck Vaughn, "GED: Language Arts, Reading (Steck Vaughn GED Series)" by Steck Vaughn. Otherwise he can take guidance from a coaching institute in his vicinity. There is also online coaching available for this purpose. A number of software are also available in the market which can be instrumental in giving a good amount of knowledge and practice for the examination.

Whatever is the means of preparing for the examination, the candidate needs to realize that he should appear for the exam only if he feels fully confident that he shall score well. There is no point in appearing for the exam when your preparation is not up to the mark. Be sure of your preparation before you take the examination.

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