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Which Institutions Accept GED Diplomas

The American Council on Education began this examination to help World War II veterans or military personnel who had dropped out of high school to serve in the armed forces, to get back to civilian services. High school diploma is essential if you wish to study in a college or university in the USA or Canada.

However, if for some reason candidates could not pursue studies in high school then they could consider getting diplomas which will allow them to continue their studies which were stopped abruptly. But before you consider appearing for this test you should know more about the test and the institutes that accept these diplomas. The various subjects and sections of the test are discussed in the following section.

GED Question Paper Format

It is a reflection of the candidates' knowledge (high school level) and their capabilities in being able to execute tasks properly. Preparation for this examination should not be taken lightly and you need to work hard in order to fare well in this test. The question paper comprises 5 parts which are as follows:

  • Language Arts: Writing (Parts I and II)
  • Language Arts: Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics

These are only the broad divisions and do not tell what types of questions or the subjects that each section will cover. The question patterns of each section are discussed in the following section.

Syllabus of GED Test

It is a springboard to a successful career. Hence, the question paper is designed keeping in mind all the knowledge that you will require to pursue further studies in college. For example, the Writing section is designed to test not only your grammatical skills but also your expertise in writing a coherent essay in which you can portray your thoughts clearly to the reader.

The first part of this section is a grammar paper where you will have to edit sentences or texts. This will test your skills in identifying errors and rectifying them. In the second part you will have to write an essay on a given topic. Your essay should be well organized and meaningful. You will get 75 minutes and 45 minutes respectively to solve each part of this section.

The Reading section will test your skills in being able to understand texts, both fictional and non-fictional, and poetry. The questions that you will answer will pertain to the texts you have read. The questions will test your skills in understanding, analyzing and assimilating all that you have read in the given passages. Here you will have to answer 40 questions in 65 minutes.

The Social Studies section will test your knowledge of history, civics, economics and geography. If you are appearing for the US edition, then the history questions will test your knowledge of US as well as world history. If you are appearing for the Canadian version then it will test your knowledge of Canadian issues and history. You will have to answer 50 questions in 70 minutes.

The Science section will test your basic scientific knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Space Science. A unique feature of this part is that some of the questions will also test your knowledge of social application of science. Here you will have to answer questions on population growth or conservation of natural resources. Thus, this will not only test your knowledge of science but also its application. Here you will have to answer 50 questions in 80 minutes.

The Mathematics section will examine your knowledge of the use of numbers and their sense, (like decimal, fractions, ratio, proportion etc.) basic geometry, algebra and statistics (like data analysis, probability etc.). In other words it will test your basic knowledge of mathematics. For this section you will have to answer 50 questions in 90 minutes.

This section gives an outline of the syllabus that you will have to cover if you want to fare well in your examination. However, if you want a thorough syllabus and types of questions that you will come across in the examination then you should click on the following link:

This is a link to the official ACE website and if you follow the subsequent links available on this page then you will get exhaustive analysis of the syllabus for each section of the examination. However, knowledge of the test is incomplete if you do not know the institutes that accept these scores and they are discussed in the following section.

Institutes Accepting this Certification

They are the gateway to education for candidates who quit studying for some reason but wish to pursue it again. They are accepted by nearly 98% of colleges and universities of North America. Nearly 98% of employers accept the diplomas as a proof of a prospective employee's educational qualifications. Moreover, it proves a candidate's enthusiasm in pursuing education even under stressful situations.

All community colleges consider it to be equivalent to a high school diploma. However, some colleges may require you to provide more recommendation letters if you are seeking admission with the diploma. The admission process often differs slightly from college to college. Thus, enquire well about the requirements of the college that you want to apply in and then accordingly prepare yourself for the examination. If your diploma is not sufficient then gather the recommendations required and place them in your admission portfolio. But, remember this diploma is of vital importance if you wish to continue your studies.

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