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How Can a GED Diploma Help You?

GED was started in 1942 to help the World War II soldiers to get back into the civil life. This test has been developed by American Council on Education (ACE). The rules and regulations of this test vary from state to state. It can be taken in English, Spanish or French. This test is also available in audio cassettes and in Braille to enable persons with disabilities to take up the test.

It comprises of 5 tests in the subjects, Language Arts-Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts-Reading and Mathematics. One must possess these skills at the 9th grade level to pass in this test. It is accepted by almost all organizations, institutions, universities etcetera as an equivalent to a traditional diploma. The total time taken for this test is about 7.5 hours. In some states the test is split for two days. The scores for each test ranges from 200 to 800. You must score a minimum of 410 in each subject with a total of 2250 to pass. The sections and questions types are given here briefly.

Language Arts-Writing

There are two parts in this section. Part-I contains 50 multiple choice questions. The time duration for this part is 75 minutes. If you finish it before the 75 minutes, the remaining time can be used for the other part. In this part, you have 4 types of questions,

  1. Organization-you have to restructure the whole paragraph or parts of the paragraph to create a coherent document. This constitutes 15% of the questions.
  2. Sentence Structure-You have to identify the correct structure of the sentence with proper punctuations, correct sentence fragmentation etcetera. 30% of the questions fall under this category.
  3. Usage-Another 30% of the questions are under this category. For these questions, you are required to correct errors in the usage of verb tense, subject-verb agreement and pronoun reference.
  4. Mechanics-Spelling errors, punctuation errors and usage of capitals have to be corrected. This constitutes 25% of the questions.

In the second part, you have to write an essay on the given topic. 45 minutes is given for this part. You will be scored on how well you focus on the main point, your organization and development of the central idea and the proper use of grammar. 2 readers score your essay on a four point scale and the average is given as your score. If you score less than 2 you have to retake both Part-I&II. Both the part-I & II scores are reported together.

Social Studies

This test also contains 50 multiple-choice questions which have to be answered in 70 minutes. Different versions for US and Canada are available in this test. History-40% (US or Canada- 25%, World-15%), Geography-15%, Civics and Government-25% and Economics-20% are the different subjects tested with their weightage given in percentage. Information is provided, and you are required to understand and apply the provided information to answer the questions.


50 multiple-choice questions are given in the science section. The time duration is 80 minutes. 35% of the questions are asked from physics and chemistry or Physical Science, 45% from Life Science and 20% from Earth and Space Science. Information is provided in the questions and you are required to use, analyze, understand and interpret the provided information to answer the questions.

Language Arts-Reading

40 multiple-choice questions are given in this section which have to be answered within 65 minutes. Your ability to understand and interpret reading sections from both academics and workplace is tested here. Questions from literary texts, from any one of the following selections, Poetry, Drama, Prose Fiction before 1920, Prose Fiction between 1920 and 1960 and Prose Fiction after 1960, constitute 75% of the questions. The other 25% is from non-fiction texts. 2 selections from Nonfiction prose, critical review of visual and performing arts or workplace and community documents is given in this. 4-8 questions follow each selection.


There are a total of 50 questions in this subject. The time duration for this subject is 90 minutes. There are 2 parts with 25 questions each. Calculator can be used only in one part. 80% of the questions are multiple-choice questions. A formula page is given for your usage. The rest of the 20% questions are alternate-format questions. Instructions for these questions are given in the test.

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