Information For Candidates Taking The GED From Colorado

Details of GED for Those in Colorado

This test is administered through their testing program which is the only official authority for issue of diplomas, transcripts and duplicate diplomas. This testing program is the body that oversees how the test is conducted in Colorado.

Test Centers:

Colorado is the 8th largest state in the United States of America and due to its size, it is administered via 34 official test centers, the addresses to which can be found by visiting the following website: These official test centers have been authorized by the National GED Testing Service. Apart from the 34 official centers, there are 83 testing locations which are affiliated to these centers. Thus, it can be attempted in any one of the total 117 test locations.

Eligibility Requirements for Taking the Test:

There are certain restrictions imposed on the individuals who can sit for the test. Individuals will be eligible to take the test only if they:

  • are minimum 17 years of age
  • are residents of the State of Colorado i.e. having a residential address in Colorado
  • are not enrolled in regular high schools
  • have not previously received a high school diploma or a GED diploma

Special Requests:

Students who have special needs due to some disability can request for special testing accommodations. These disabilities include physical or chronic health disabilities, mental and emotional disabilities, learning and cognitive disabilities and ADHD. Such students will have to submit an application if they want slight modifications to the standard testing environment so as to neutralize the effect of their disability. All these requests pass through the testing program. Each request is considered on an individual basis. For the request to be considered, complete documented proof of the disability will be required. The test makes it simpler for students with special needs to take the test by providing it in Braille, or having the test enlarged, providing extra time for the test, etc.

Test Fee:

The test is not conducted free of cost as the fee levied by test centers helps them in being able to conduct the test. Some test centers charge money for conducting the practice tests as well. The practice test is a shorter version of the GED and is known for accurately predicting actual scores and judging whether a candidate is ready to give the test or not. Every test center has its own policies concerning collection of fee and the amount of fee levied. Thus, you will be required to consult your nearest testing center for the amount of fees to be paid. The cost of taking the exam ranges between $110-150. If you have to take the test, you will also be required to submit a photo ID proof which has your name, address and other personal details. Such an ID could be a driving license, a military ID, passport, etc.

Minimum Passing Requirements:

Individual subject test scores range from 200-800 while the maximum total score is out of 4000. To pass, you are required to get a minimum score of 410 in each sub-test and an average score of 450 across all five sub-tests. Thus, the total passing score would be minimum 2250 out of 4000. Candidates who fail in one or more but not all sub-tests need not attempt all subjects again. They only need to appear for those tests in which they have failed. If a test-taker has got only 410 in all tests and has not met the requirement of a total minimum score of 2250, he can choose which sub-tests he wants to test for again.

These scores can be used to take admission in almost all colleges and universities in the US. The scores can only be upgraded if a particular organization or college requires higher scores for admission. This means that if you have already received your diploma and want to attempt the test again so as to receive a better score, you can do so only if you meet the afore-mentioned requirements. For more information, visit