Prepare For GED With The Help Of Online Courses

Why Should you Prepare for GED by Classes Online

Candidates have to learn to harness the power of the internet while preparing. Internet has many free and paid resources to help test-takers. Note that the test cannot be taken online; however, there is no harm in using the internet or the online classes to prepare for the test. A candidate has to visit an authorized test center physically to take the test. The official website ( alerts the test-takers not to trust those websites and agencies that claim to offer a certificate by conducting an online test.

A test-taker has to discipline himself or herself to take a class online. This is because a test-taker will not be regularly supervised and most of the times, he or she will not be interacting with a real instructor. If a test-taker is not accustomed to the online or virtual class environment, he or she must prefer the services of an instructor. Candidates should also consider whether they are ready to handle the burden of additional learning which will not help them directly to pass the test. However, some sort of additional learning is inevitable for effective utilization of online resources. For example, candidates have to learn certain computer operations for successfully completing a class online.

Benefits of GED Online Resources

Test-takers can enjoy the following benefits if they choose a GED class online:

  • They can learn at their own pace
  • They can learn within the comfort of their homes
  • Online resources will be available on demand
  • They can avoid transport and traveling expenses
  • This is a boon for disabled persons who face difficulties while traveling

Review of Four Online GED Courses

Briefly reviewed below are four freely available online courses. Test-takers should consult with their preferred Adult Education Centers or Community Colleges for qualitative online resources. If your Adult Education Center or Community College provides online resources, use them primarily because they will be qualitative and credible. Also, those courses will be designed by professionals and they focus on the adapted regional standards and specifications. Use other resources as supplements. Note that many websites ask for email addresses and other information which may reveal your identity. Some websites don't let you access the resources without registering. So, proceed with your own discretion.

Official Online Resources

This test is developed and regulated by the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education (ACE). On the official website, test-takers find many resources. These include sample questions for each subject test, answers with explanations, some videos for the mathematics section and an official practice test. The official website provides links to the Kentucky Educational Television (KET) resources. Use those resources as well. Visit the following URL to access these resources:


This website is a reliable source for preparation. Website states frankly what it does and what it does not do. Registration is not needed to access the content. Test-takers have an option to join a class online. If you are not interested to sign up, just choose the link labeled Free-Ed.Net's asynchronous preparation and learn according to your convenience. For more information, visit this URL:


This website has a free preparatory course, practice test and study guide. Registration is required for taking the course. Visit this page to access the resources available on this website:

Contemporary's GED Websites

These websites are maintained and managed by McGraw-Hill publishers. Websites contain chapter summaries, topic reviews, sample questions and practice tests. Visit the following website: for the writing section, visit for mathematics, visit for social studies, visit for science and visit for reading.