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Registration Fee

The registration will not be considered complete until and unless you do not pay the registration fee. The registration fee for a preparation class may vary from university to university. Usually the registration fee is deposited on non-refundable basis. For online registration, the fee is also transacted through e-banking.

Types Of GED Prep Classes

Various universities offer different types of classes and the learner can opt for any one of them. Many universities run day class, afternoon and evening class. These classes are beneficial for those learners who have a full time or a part time job and might be conducted every day or twice or thrice a week. Some educational institutes also offer learner centered and self-paced classes. Learners can also opt for individual instructions. For those learners who are employed on full time basis, universities do offer weekend classes.

The classes in different languages like Spanish, French and English are held on alternate days during the week. An integrated reading laboratory is usually included in the preparatory class. A few universities also offer free classes.

The online class is available to those who can seriously dedicate time for the preparation. The online class is an internet based classroom, which is best for those who prefer to study at home. This class is especially designed for individuals who are pursuing a career, attending college or are home school students. An online class is helpful in assessing the learners’ state at his own pace. All you have to do is to fill up an enrollment form and you will be provided with a username and password to register. Various universities also offer video series. These video series contain books based on course of study and online activities, which will help the learner with his studies.

The benefit of attending a regular class that is held in the various university campus is that you receive one-to-one help and guidance from your instructor. In the class, each day the student will have to study a different topic related to the syllabus. Each class will have different teachers for each section and syllabus. Five different types of textbooks will be used for each class. The regular classes help the teacher to identify the learner’s weaknesses and thus work with him accordingly. Homework is also given to the learner. Individual tutoring is also offered to the learners by some universities.

Duration Of GED Prep Class

The duration of a class generally depends on collective work of the instructor and the learner. The learner can attend it till the time he does not gain confidence to appear for the main test.

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