Steps Involved In Achieving GED Certification

How to Get a GED Certificate?

A pass in the GED (General Educational Development) will entitle you to receive a certificate. With this certificate you can pursue higher studies or go higher up in your career. The certificate is considered to be equivalent to a high school diploma.

The test is offered by all the 50 states of the US. The requirements for the test vary from state to state. Online version of the test is not available due to security reasons.

The main steps involved in obtaining the certificate are,

  1. Learn about the exam
  2. Register for the test
  3. Prepare for the test
  4. Take up the test
  5. Pass the test and get the certificate
  • Learn about the Test Before you take up the test, you have to do a thorough search for the details of the test. Since the requirements vary from state to state, you have to be careful in gathering information about the test. The general overview of the test and the information you need to know about the test are given below which will enable you to get a certificate.

Subjects Tested

5 subjects are tested in this test. They are,

  1. Literary Arts-Writing,
  2. Literary Arts-Reading,
  3. Social Studies,
  4. Science and
  5. Mathematics.

The level of the test is at the 9th grade level.


The total time for the test is around seven and half hours. Some states offer the test in one day while some states offer the test over a period of 1-3 days. Duration for the individual subjects are,



Literary Arts-Writing- Part- I

75 minutes

Literary Arts-Writing- Part- II

45 minutes

Literary Arts-Reading

65 minutes

Social Studies

70 minutes


80 minutes


90 minutes

  • Schedule and Location The test cannot be taken online and can be taken only at a registered center. The test is offered in more than 2800 centers across the world. You can find the center closest to you by clicking on the following link: The schedule of the test varies from center to center and it is best to contact the center, during business hours stated in its website, for the details.
  • Registering for the Test To register for the test, you have to get the correct details from the center in which you will be taking up the test. The test date, fees and age requirements vary from state to sate. Check with you state and register for the test.
  • Preparation for the Test Preparation is very important to pass the test. In many states, the testing centers offer free preparatory classes for the test. You can register for the course and study for the test. You can also refer to books available at local libraries for the preparation.
  • Taking up the Test Take up the test with a relaxed mind. Arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before the test and do well in the test.
  • Passing the Test You have to pass the test to receive the certificate. Each subject is scored in the range of 200-800. You have to score a minimum of 410 in each subject and 2250 as a total score to pass the test. If you fail in any one of the subjects, the center allows you to take up the test after a specific period of time. You may be required to take up a preparatory course during this time.
  • The Certificate The certificate will be mailed to you from the testing center after the evaluation of the paper. The certificate will look similar to a high school diploma certificate.

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