Important Information For Candidates Taking The GED From California

Details of GED Tests for Those in California

Interested in Taking the GED?

It is common knowledge that without a high school diploma, people cannot get into a college and they also have very limited options when it comes to looking for good jobs. The good news is that this test is something you can consider as it is equivalent to the diploma that a person gets when he finish the high school. With this certification, you will be able to prove to others that you have the same academic skills and knowledge that most of the high school seniors have. With this certificate, you can easily apply for a program in a university or college too. In the United States, 98% of the colleges accept this certificate at the time of admission so you can never go wrong when you take this examination.

Details of the GED California

  • It includes tests that will assess the skills and knowledge of a candidate who did not finish high school.
  • ACE or the American Council on Education is the body that is responsible for these tests.
  • If you wish to take this test, you need to be a resident of this state. It is necessary for you to be 18 years of age to take this test. Of course, if you are still 17 years of age you may be allowed to take this examination, provided you can submit certain documents. More information on this can be obtained by contacting the relevant authority.
  • The fee for this test can be determined by visiting the testing center. You will find 190 testing centers in this state that you can consider if you are planning to take this test.
  • If you did not pass in one subject, you do not have to wait to take the test again. Of course, you will be required to pay a fee for the retest.

How to Get GED in California?

If you would like to take the exam, it is best if you visit the local testing enter near where you are living to find out more information about this examination. If you have any questions, you can ask the representatives in the testing centers and they will help you. You will be given an application form that you will have to fill in at the time of registering for the test. You will also have to make a payment to confirm or secure a seat for the test. The documents that you will have to submit to the testing center when you are applying for the test are:

  • An ID proof
  • Proof of your birth date
  • Your address proof
  • Fee payment letter
  • Age waiver, if applicable.

Do Remember...

In order to pass, it is important that you score at least 410 in each of the test subjects and you also need to have a total score of 2250. If you can get these scores, then you will be considered to have passed the examination in California. You can make up for a low score in one subject by getting a higher score in another one. On the other hand, you have to make sure you get the minimum score in each of the subjects as this is considered to be of vital importance. Ensure that you prepare for the exam by getting relevant study materials. With so many courses and books available, you will not have a tough time finding the right option to study for the tests.