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Features OF Good GED Prep Books

In order to prepare for the test, the learner must consult good study guides, which will help him in recognizing his weaknesses and thus help him in overcoming those weaknesses. Good books should have the following features

  1. Selection of the content
  2. The content material should be selected in accordance with the objectives of teaching a particular subject. The book should be objective based and objective oriented. It should aim at fulfilling the objectives of knowledge, understanding, skills, interests and attitudes. The content should cover the topics in the syllabus prescribed for the test. The content should be adequate, accurate, authentic and reliable.

  3. Vocabulary
  4. The vocabulary used in the books should be well selected and properly graded. Good guide books should be written within limited vocabulary. The new words should be introduced in the books gradually. Moreover, the vocabulary should be introduced in on the basis of simple to complex. Whenever a new word is made to occur in a sentence, it should be repeated in the subsequent pages so that the learner may have full acquaintance with that word.

  5. Exercises
  6. At the end of each chapter, there should be some exercises. These exercises may be reading material, practice material and testing material. These exercises should enable the students to apply the subject mater learnt by them.

    Some other qualities that a guide book must have are that the paper used in the book should be of good quality. It should be soft and glossy. The printing should be free from any type of errors. The size of the printing should neither be too big nor too small. The get up of the book must be attractive. The size of the book should neither be too big or too small. The title page of the book should also be attractive. The most important thing is that the price of the book should be reasonable.

Thus in order to prepare for the test, the learner must take the help of books, which are easily available in the local market. Otherwise you can look for soft copies on the internet or second hand books from and

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