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This test is basically designed for those persons who are very knowledgeable but don’t possess any high school diploma. Then this knowledge proves to be of no use, as it does not help them in moving ahead in life, but it’s never too late to start learning. Going to a high school at a later stage of life and obtaining a diploma may not prove to be a very good idea. So people usually opt for an easier and quicker option i.e. GED. The test is not generally tough, but it’s tricky.

In order to get the nerve to take the test and to prepare for it, it is advised that a candidate should study from some good books.

GED Books: Good Source Of Study

Books are a good source of study. These are the permanent storehouse of information and contain instructions that can be easily followed. The topics are properly divided into chapters to avoid confusion and to make the understanding process easy. Good books contain full length and detailed instructions on each and every topic. Wherever required, the books also contain fully labeled diagrammatical descriptions to make the subject matter easy to understand, clear and to the point. These textbooks contain a number of tips and strategies, which help the candidate in taking the test and get good scores. In study guide there are proper reviews given at the end of each chapter along with the revision tests and questions to test the candidates understanding of the chapter. Each book includes answer keys at the end in order to check the answers, which helps in the self-assessment and also explains the reasons for the answer, which is correct. They are a good source of study as they help a candidate to study at his own pace, and the learner can refer to them as many times as he wants to. Such a book is a kind of self-teacher and allows the learner to learn independently.

At the end of each chapter, there are some exercises. These exercises have reading material, practice material and testing material. These exercises enable the students to apply the subject matter learnt. Here and there, a good guide book contains simple illustrations. It makes the learner more interested in the book. The illustrations are to the point and the language used is simple.

Some Good GED Books

There are a number of books that are available in the market and a candidate can buy any one of them, depending upon his mental capability. A few books are-:

  1. McGraw-Hill’s GED: The Most Complete and Reliable Study Program for the tests (Paperback)-by McGraw Hill (author)
  2. This is a complete GED book. By referring to this book the learner can prepare for the test without attending the classes, as the book is very helpful. This is one of the highly recommended books and the whole material is properly laid out. The book contains ample number of illustrations, so that the concept becomes absolutely clear in the learner’s mind, and the topics are also explained in detail. A number of questions related with each section and proper study material is also given. The book contains a pre- test also. McGraw-Hill’s GED book is comprehensive, easy to read and understand. It covers almost all the topics like base-verb, transitional expressions, ordered scores, cartoons, graphs, charts, paragraphs unity, evaluation chart, language arts, writing test, mathematics test, formula page, reading test, science test, social studies test and also reasonable guess for answers.

  3. Complete GED Preparation (Complete GED Preparation) by Steck-Vaughn Company (Corporate Author), Ellen Northcutt (Editor)
  4. This book is easy to use, complete book, which covers all the five tests i.e. Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies Test, Science Test, Mathematics Test and Language Arts, Writing Test. This book gives a clear picture of what the real test is like. It also helps the learner in overcoming his weaknesses and thus building confidence. It is self-explanatory and all the topics are given in full detail, with in-depth explanations. Pre test is also given in the book, which helps in recognizing the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. The language used is very simple and easy to understand. Lots of sample tests are also given at the end of the book, this gives the learner an opportunity to practice and the learner is able to do analysis of the progress that he has made. The book is very helpful for those who want to cover a lot of syllabus in a short period of time. The choice content of every subject has got a logical relation with that subject.

  5. McGraw-Hill’s GED W/CD-ROM (McGraw Hill’s GED) (Paperback) by Patricia Mulcrone(Author)
  6. This is one of the best selling study guides. This book covers everything that a learner needs to and must prepare for the test. The book covers all the five test subjects i.e. Language Arts, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Language Arts, Reading. The instructions, which are given in this book, are easy to follow and understand. A detailed practice test is also given which covers almost all the topics such as writing, graphs, cartoons, charts etc.

    In Mathematics Test Part 1, the candidate is allowed to use the calculator in order to solve the problems. This book gives proper guidelines as to how to use the calculator i.e. Casio fx 260 for solving the problems of mathematics.

    A CD ROM is given along with the book, which contains two tests along with an automatic marking, score analysis and a diagnostic test. This book also contains a number of practice tests that give the learner an opportunity to practice more and acquaint himself with the real test. The book is easy and understandable. The language used is simple and a number of illustrations are scattered all over the book.

  7. The GED For Dummies (Paperback) by Murray Shukyn (Author), DaleShuttleworth(Author), Shukyn Murray (Author), PhD Dale Shuttle worth (Author)
  8. The book tells about what can come in the final test and also as to how to figure the scores, when the candidate receives them. The book contains a number of tips, hints and other valuable information related to the skills that are tested in all the five tests. The basics that are needed to clear the test are also clearly specified in the book. It contains two full-length practice tests along with answers and detailed explanations. It also helps the learner to brush up his knowledge.

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