Taking The GED From Arkansas

Details of GED for Those in Arkansas

The GED Arkansas

If you have not completed your high school, then you should consider taking the test as it will help you get admission into a good college or help you find a good job. The time allotted to complete sections in the test is a little more than seven hours. The subjects that will be tested are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts-Writing and Language Arts-Reading. All the test subjects will include multiple-choice questions except for the Language Arts-Writing Part II, where you will be given forty-five minutes to write an essay. There is a Part I in this subject, too, where you will have to revise, improve or correct English text. In Mathematics, you will find that there are two parts. The first part will allow you to make use of a calculator and the second part will require you to work on the questions without the use of a calculator. If you want to get a high score, make sure that you understand all the subject areas of the test clearly.

Eligibility of GED Arkansas

In order to take the test, there are certain requirements that you will have to fulfill. These are:

  • The candidate must be a legal resident of the state of Arkansas.
  • He should be at least 16 years of age.
  • He should presently not be a student of any high school.
  • The candidate should not have a high school diploma.

You will be able to get all the questions that you have on your mind answered by getting in touch with the official testing center near your place. It is possible for you to checkout the official website of the state (www.arkansas.gov) to find out more about the testing centers. You should apply only to that testing center where you are thinking about taking the test. As of now, the state is not charging the candidates to take this examination.

How Do I Register for GED Arkansas?

In order to take the test, it is important that you register for it so that you will be able to secure a seat for yourself on the date of your preference. There is an enrolment form that you will be required to fill up for the purpose of registering. Ensure that you read the form carefully before filling it up and once it is done, make sure you double check it for errors. It is important for you to realize that registration for this test can only be done by visiting the official testing center. So make sure you find out about the testing center located near where you live so that you can visit it and enroll for the examination.

To Conclude...

It is important for you to realize that in order to get a high score you need to spend at least three months to prepare for the same. Try to set aside some time everyday and study for all the test subjects. Try to get a clear idea about each of the tests so that you will be better prepared to work on the questions in the best possible way on the final date of the examination. There are many books as well as courses you will find that can help you study for the tests. You can consider buying one of these and study at home. This will give you the flexibility to study whenever you want. If you would like to study in a group, then you can also do that as there are so many coaching classes available in your local neighborhood that you can join. You will also find many study materials on the internet. So look up for them and include them in your study plan.