Application Process For Taking The GED in Maryland

Importance of GED Certification For Those in Maryland

GED stands for General Educational Development Test. This test measures whether or not the candidates' skills are comparable to the skills of those candidates who are high school graduates. If a candidate receives the designated scores and the credential, he becomes eligible to apply for those college admissions and for jobs which demand a high school diploma as a requirement. It is a group of tests. This group of tests is officially known as the GED battery of tests. It comprises 5 tests: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. The entire examination is based on the standard high school curriculum that prevails in the United States.

Maryland is the 42nd largest and the 19th most populous state of the 50 states of the United States. The test is administered differently in various jurisdictions based on their adapted policies. Test-takers should be aware of those policies before registering for the test.

Eligibility Criteria

This is regulated by the Maryland Adult Education and Literacy Services Program. Test-takers should fulfill the following conditions in order to submit the application:

  • The candidates have to be 16 years old

  • He/She should have been residing in Maryland for at least for 3 months at the time of testing for submitting an application

  • Test-takers should not have obtained a Maryland high school diploma or any other high school diploma or certificate awarded by any US state board or non-US schools

  • Those test-takers who have left public or private schools in the middle of their studies can apply

  • The application will be valid if they have secured the Maryland High School Certificate of Program Completion according to the COMAR 13A.03.02.09D

Other Points to Remember

  • The fee for taking the GED is 45 USD. This fee structure applies for retaking the test as well

  • Test-takers have to wait for 2 months before taking a retest

  • All the 5 tests can be taken in 2 days

  • The test can be taken up to 3 times per year.

  • The candidate will receive a test schedule notification letter by the first of the month in which they requested to schedule the test in their application. If test-takers don't receive the notification letter, they have to call the Maryland GED office. Visit this page on the official website to find the contact details of the office:

  • Test-takers have to call the office if they don't have a social security number

  • Disabled persons have to produce appropriate disability proof documents to avail accommodations

  • Test-takers have to produce any one of the following as their identity proof at the test center: current official Drivers License, Learner's Permit, ID Card issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration or current Active Duty Military ID Card

  • For details about the available test centers and the test dates, refer pages 5 and 6 of the application available on the official website: (

Importance of Maryland GED Prep Courses

Maryland local School Districts, Community Colleges and Community-based Organizations offer classes. The test-takers get a free online course called GED-I. The duration of this online course is 15 weeks. Those citizens should have officially left public or private schools and have to demonstrate 9th grade level reading and math skills to take this online course. This online course is teacher-supported and interactive. Course-takers get personal feedback for their weekly assignments. The sessions are offered on a rolling basis. For more information, visit this URL: Visit the following website to apply for the course: