GED Alabama

Importance of GED for those in Alabama

This examination comprises a series of tests, which evaluate the skills and the ability of the students corresponding to the level of a high school course. These tests are governed and conducted by states and jurisdictions across the United States. Therefore, the accreditation (diploma or certificate) offered to a test taker varies with each state. GED began in the year 1942 in order to allow the soldiers of World War II to complete their education and come back to the mainstream life. The test cannot be taken online and the students have to take the test in the official test centers.

How to Get GED in Alabama?

These tests provide an opportunity to the residents of Alabama to earn a certification that is equivalent to high school graduation. Let us discuss the ways in which the residents of Alabama can obtain the credential:

  • The test taker must be a legal resident of the state, a member of the armed forces, a non-US citizen residing in Alabama or a resident of Alabama, who is engaged in an education program for adults financed by the state.

  • As far as it is concerned, only those residents who have not completed their high school education or graduation and are18 years old are eligible to take the tests. However, age waivers are also available.

  • The candidates must pay $50 at the time of registration and provide all documents related to social security, personal details including address and photo identification.

  • The test can be taken in Spanish, English and French.

  • It contains five sections including Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Writing and the passing marks for this test are 2250.

  • The test takers must obtain the passing scores to get the GED credential. On the event of failure, it can be taken again, but only six weeks after the previous test and the cost for retest is $10 for each section.

  • The students can prepare through free classes. Preparatory programs are also held in community colleges or adult education centers located in the state. However, self study is also recommended.

  • The test takers in Alabama are issued a diploma. However, they should fill the request from for obtaining the transcript.

Test Format for GED Alabama

As discussed above, the test contains the following five sections:

  • Mathematics: In this section, the students have to answer questions in basic mathematics along with algebra and geometry.

  • Social Studies: This section includes questions on history, geography, civics and economics.

  • Science: The questions are related to physical, life and earth sciences.

  • Language Arts Reading: In this section, the students have to answer questions from a variety of texts and understand, assess and integrate the information that is mentioned therein.

  • Language Arts Writing: This section is divided into two separate portions. While the first portion deals with general grammar usage and application, in the second portion, the test takers are required to write an essay on a general topic.

Importance of GED Alabama

This is an excellent way for Alabama residents to complete their general studies. By taking this test and getting the required scores, the test takers get an opportunity to continue their higher education. To the delight of the test takers, the scores are accepted by most of the colleges and universities of the state. The scores show that the knowledge and competence of an individual is commensurate with other high school students and they are capable of continuing their education further. In fact, it will not only facilitate higher education but will boost employment opportunities as well. Earning the credential will allow an individual to become more eligible for the competitive job market. Whether it is for pursuing higher education, personal satisfaction or to obtain job opportunities, the test will open new avenues for the residents of this state.


Taking the test will allow the residents of Alabama to realize their academic goals and to proceed towards a fulfilling career.