The GED is an international testing program for the adults, who for some reason or the other, have been unable to complete high school education. This test measures the level of educational maturity that an adult has gained through experiences like working, traveling or through other informal agencies other than the school. These tests are conducted and controlled by American Council on Education. This council then provides a certificate equal in merit to that of high school diploma, to those who are able to clear the test.

The series of tests are an opportunity for adults to upgrade their qualifications, who were unable to attain formal and regular education. For such people, this testing program is of noted help. In addition to upgrading their qualification, this test helps them to apply for various jobs based on the diploma that is issued. They can also continue their education if they want and get higher qualifications. Nearly ninety five percent colleges and universities accept the scores.

The examination generally verifies the basic knowledge, efficacy and the caliber which a high school graduate is required to have. Though it is conducted to certify the basic skills, this test is comparatively more difficult than the regular tests of high schools. The examinee is tested for his abilities in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition to that he is tested for his communication, information processing, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Any individual who is 18 years of age or older is eligible to sit for the test. The candidate should have sufficient academic skills so that he is able to complete the test battery. If the person who appears and passes the test is under the age of 18 then he will not receive the certificate until he turns18 years old or until his 18th birthday.


Registration for the test is not just about filling out some forms. It actually requires more than that. Before registering, the local department of education may ask the candidate to take a pre-test. In some places Mathematics is the main precursor along with one test of the candidates choice. The pretest is generally conducted to check the candidates ability to clear the actual test. The pre-test in a way gives the candidate a general idea of what the real test is going to be like.

After the pre-test, the local authorities might ask the candidate for the following documents for registration purpose.

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Residence.

For this they generally ask the candidate for their drivers licenses, passports, birth certificates etc. Finally the candidate will fill out the forms and submit it to their individual state and/or local school or adult education districts for revaluation. It is generally up to the local education department to decide how much to charge the students in lieu of fees for taking the examination.

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