GED Programs Available Free of Cost

5 Essentials of a Free GED Program

These tests are designed and developed by the officials of General Educational Development, which is a non-profit program of ACE (American Council on Education). ACE is also the owner of these tests. They comprise a series of tests that were originally developed for the soldiers of World War II to complete their high school education and allowed them to come back to the mainstream life as their fellow civilians. However, these tests were opened for all US citizens by the year 1947. Presently the examinations are governed and conducted by the states and jurisdictions across United States. Therefore, the credential (diploma or certificate) differs with each state.

The entire examination consists of the following five sections:

  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Writing

Importance of GED

The test can be taken by legal residents of each state in the United States who have not completed their high school education. It provides an excellent opportunity to all these residents of US to pursue their academic goals eventually leading to employment opportunities. GED helps to measure the skills and competence of all the test takers corresponding with the level of a high school diploma. The scores of GED are accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States for admission and also create opportunities for employment in future.

Essentials of a Free GED program

There are various ways in which aspirants can prepare for these tests, but a free program is usually considered as the best method of preparation. Such programs are offered by the Adult Basic and Literary Education or ABLE to adults for free and the classes under it can be taken in the morning or evening. Let us consider the five essentials of a free program:

  • It should not take any upfront charges from those individuals who have enrolled for it. In other words, it should be offered free of charge.
  • The advertisements should clearly state that they are preparatory tests and not the actual one so that the test takers are not misguided. The final examinations are not administered online and the students have to take these tests in the specified test center.
  • These programs are mostly conducted online that helps the students to enhance their knowledge about the actual tests; it is a sort of precursor to the actual tests.
  • The program should ideally cover all the sections of the test so as to enable the aspirants to consolidate their preparation.
  • The classes should be credible and allow the candidates to feel confident on the day of the test so as to score well.

Free GED Programs

There are quite a few online programs or preparatory classes that are available free of charge. Let us have a brief discussion on these programs:

  • GED for Free is an online resource or a program offering preparatory classes to the test takers. It is a 200 page course, which is designed and developed by experts and covers all the sections. This online class should benefit those students who are unable to join the free classes in person. For more information, the test takers can log on to
  • is a free online resource where aspirants can register for free practice tests in all disciplines covered by the examination. For more information about these practice tests, check the following website:
  • GED Academy offers free-mini-course along with sample lessons on all the subjects of this test or a free trial of the online course offered by them. For more information, the students should log on to The students can also take free practice tests by clicking on the following link:
  • KET offers free online activities and practice tests along with workbooks, videos and other instructions. Students can also take the online test by clicking on the following link:
  • A free program is also offered by the following website: Through this site, the students can prepare based on their requirements.


This test opens new avenues for those people who have not been able to continue with their high school education. The programs that are offered for free allow the test takers to prepare for these tests so that they can score well and realize their academic goals.

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