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What do Online GED Classes Provide Free of Charge?

GED or General Educational Development is a series of tests that is conducted by states and jurisdictions to evaluate the skills and competence of the students up to the level of a high school course. These tests were originally developed in 1942 to allow the soldiers of World War II to come back to the mainstream life and pursue higher studies in a college or university. The accreditation was initially awarded in New York State but now covers all the 50 states of US. The credential of GED is a coveted one and the most widely recognized equivalent of high school education.

The testing service, which is located in Washington DC, owns the responsibility of creating, managing and insuring these tests, and the entire program is under the American Council on Education. It includes the following five subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Writing ( includes essay)
  • Science
  • Social Studies

The aspirants can get information about the test and preparation from the official website, but the test is not available online and they can take it only in the specified centers.

Free GED Classes

Although the tests cannot be taken online, the students can take free preparatory classes on the Internet to prepare for this examination. Preparation is vital because it is a laborious process to write five tests together for seven hours and five minutes. No matter how able a student may be, a solid preparation will help him/her to know the expected questions and strengthen their skills. Attending a class can help them tackle the questions in a more effective manner and to score well in this examination.

It is primarily meant to test an individual's aptitude corresponding to that of high school student. However, it is necessary for each participant to ensure that they have the necessary skills to appear for these tests. Preparation through classes will also help the students or the test takers in feeling confident on the day of the test. Moreover, they will get an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the test format and the types of questions on each subject. The students can take practice tests that will help them get over with their anxieties before appearing for the test.

Review of Free GED Classes

While there are several methods of preparation that are opted by the aspirants, let us consider a few online classes:

  • GED for is an online resource that offers free online classes. The content of this course has been developed by experts and it is equivalent to expensive books and study guides. The course covers all the five topics of the test along with practice tests.
  • Free GED classes by GED Academy offers free mini course which includes sample lessons on all the five subjects. This is a free class that allows the students to get an idea about their online package.
  • KET offers practice tests and online activities for free along with workbooks for preparation, videos and other forms of instruction related to the test. The students can take the tests at
  • 4Tests offers online practice tests for free. The students should register for the online tests in this free GED class and take the tests.

The class is useful for the students as they get an opportunity to prepare for the final day of the test that requires them to read, decipher information, complete calculations and express the entire thing in writing. The writing level should match the standard of a high school student.


These classes help the students prepare for the series of five tests that are included. By taking the practice tests, the students can improve their skills for taking this examination. With different requirements in every state of US, the students should try to locate a free online class that will fulfill their respective requirements

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