Essential Information Regarding The GED

This exam is a substitute to the high school diploma. For students who were not able to earn a high school diploma, this test is more than enough. It bridges the gap between education and employment. It is conducted by American Council on Education. All the academic skills that a high school student should have will be tested in this test. In a year millions of people take this test to continue their education. This test is useful for people who could not complete high school in their lives. This is a boon for such people to pursue further education of their desire.

The first ever GED test was conducted in the 1942. It was introduced to allow the World War II military personal to pursue their desired education. Recently in 2002, the test pattern and content was restructured. It is recognized throughout North America. The test measures the general knowledge, thinking capabilities and ideas of an individual. Not only high school can impart knowledge to a student but experience, socializing and informal education methods also educate a person. These non high school methods are tested here. The test covers areas like reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Other aspects like communication, logical thinking capabilities etc area also tested. The exam is set in such a way that at least six out of the ten students appearing for the test will pass out.

Administration for the test is done by the testing service of the American Council on Education, each participating state, provincial, or territorial government and each of the 3,400 testing centers that serve as the main point of contact for candidates in communities across North America and overseas. The test comprises of five sections where areas of Writing, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Math are covered. Only general knowledge and simple thinking is necessary to answer these questions.

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