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All about FTCE

The FTCE stands for the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations. These are standardized tests that have been developed to evaluate whether the candidates are competent to work as educators in Florida in terms of Florida’s Sunshine State Standards or not. There are 47 different exams under this testing: 42 subject-area examinations, 4 general knowledge sub-tests and 1 Professional Education exam. The FTCE was actually started in 2002 to replace the CLAST (College Level Academic Skills Test). This article will elucidate the important details regarding this test.

Sections of the FTCE

Following are the descriptions of the different sections of this exam:

  1. Subject Area Examinations

    These sub-tests are conducted to assess candidates in terms of the subjects they will teach in Florida. There are different subject tests pertaining to different levels of grades under this set of examinations, which are enlisted below:

    • Grades 5 to 9: English, General Sciences, Mathematics and Social Science.
    • Grades 6 to 12: Agriculture, Biology, Speech, Social Science, Business Education, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Drama, Earth Science, Marketing, Journalism, English and Technology Education.
    • Kindergarten to Grade 12: Art, Computer Science, French, German, Health, Reading etc.
  2. General Knowledge Examinations

    There are four sub-tests under this section. The four sub-tests are described as follows:

    1. English Language: The total time for this particular sub-test is 40 minutes and you need a percentage score of 73% in order to pass in it. The areas in which you will be tested are- grammar, word choice, sentence structure, spellings, punctuation etc.

    2. Essay: The time allotted for attempting one essay in this sub-test is 50 minutes. You will be tested on the basis of organization skills and how well you articulate reasons and examples. Additionally, you are expected to follow the conventions of Standard English.

    3. Mathematics: There are 100 minutes allowed in this section and you need to score at least 58% to pass in it. A simple 4-function calculator is provided to help you in calculations. The main areas covered under this sub-test are data analysis, geometry, probability etc.

    4. Reading: There are two main skills tested in this sub-test - literal comprehension and inferential comprehension. The total time allotted is 40 minutes and you need to score at least 65% to pass this test.

  3. Professional Education Examination

    The total time allotted for this test is 150 minutes. You need a minimum percentage of 73% to pass this test. The different competencies covered under this test are- communications, ethics, diversity, learning environment, role of a teacher etc.

    Testing and Registration

    All information regarding this test can be found on the official website In order to register yourself, you can follow the following steps:

    • Visit the link and create an account. If you already have an FTCE account, then log in using the log in ID and password.
    • After logging in, click on 'Register for the FTCE'. Select a test center and a test date.
    • You need to answer a few background questions and agree to the testing practices.
    • Review your registration details and make the payment using the credit card, debit card or check card.
    • As soon as you complete the registration process, you will receive an email containing you test information. Your admission ticket will be a part of this email.

Scoring Procedure and Score Reporting

If you appear for a test that has only multiple-choice based questions, you will receive the score report within 4 weeks of the test date; however, if you appear for the test with each or any of the following- General Knowledge Essay, English Grades 6-12, Middle Grades English 5-9, FELE 3, French K- Grade 12, German K- Grade 12, Spanish K- Grade 12, and Speech 6- Grade 12 - you will receive the score report within 6 weeks of the test date.

As mentioned earlier, the official website is the best source for all information on the test. Thus, one must not miss consulting it for the details of this test. This test will be very important for you if you plan to build a career in education in Florida. Hence, it is recommended that you start preparing for it right away!

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