Information About the FTCE Test

Understanding the Basics of FTCE

FTCE refers to the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations that teaching aspirants have to take for working as teachers in the schools of Florida. This is a teaching aptitude test that is standardized as per the standards of the Sunshine State Standards of Florida. The Department of Education's Bureau of Educator Certification is the certifying body, and it is mandatory for all teachers of Florida to possess a professional or temporary BEC certification.

The Bureau of Educator Certification (BEC) has 3 categories of tests for testing the teaching skills of candidates:

  1. General Knowledge Tests
  2. Professional Education Test
  3. Subject Area Tests

A set of tests is prescribed for the test-takers, based on the information they provide to the test administration authorities, while applying for taking this examination.


These tests are available in the online format only.


The subsections of the FTCE are as follows:

  • General Knowledge Test- This section consists of 4 different subtests as follows:

    • English Language Skills (ESL)- This subtest consists of 40 questions, with multiple-choice answers, which need to be answered in a total time duration of 40 minutes.

    • Essay- A total of 50 minutes is allotted, in this section, for writing an essay.

    • Reading- This section consists of 40 questions, with multiple-choice answers, which need to be answered in 40 minutes.

    • Mathematics- This section has 45 questions, with multiple-choice answers, which need to be completed in 1 hour 40 minutes.

    All the sub-tests as mentioned above, are aimed at assessing the basic knowledge of the examinees in English and Mathematics. The official guide ( has further information on the specific skills that will be tested in each FTCE section, in detail.

  • Professional Education Test- This section is aimed at assessing the teaching skills aptitude of the candidates. It has only one single test consisting of 120 questions, with multiple-choice answers, which need to be completed in 150 minutes.

  • Subject Area Examinations (SAEs) - This section consists of specific individual tests, one or more of which have to be taken by the candidates, depending upon the subjects that they want to teach in the schools of Florida. The SAEs differ from each other, in the number of questions they contain, though most of them have a set of 120 questions, which need to be answered in a total of 150 minutes. The German K-12 and Speech K-12 have two subtests each.

    Further information about the tests can be obtained at

Question Types

The FTCE consists of, mostly, multiple-choice questions, in all its sections, except for the Essay and Subject Area sections. The Essay section requires the candidates to write long answers, while the Speaking and Listening Skills sections of the Subject Area section, are not in a format that can support multiple-choice answers.


This is a PASS/NO PASS test. The score report will display PASS if you clear all its individual sections, otherwise it will display a NO PASS. The passing scores for the individual sections are as follows:

  • English Language Skills Test (ESL) - A candidate needs to attain a minimum of 73 percent in this test, in order to pass in it.

  • Essay- The total score for this section of the FTCE is 12, out which, an examinee has to secure a score of 6, in order to pass it.

  • Reading- This General Knowledge section requires one to answer 65 % of its questions correctly, in order to pass in it.

  • Mathematics- One has to secure 58 %, in this test, in order to qualify in it.

  • Professional Education Test (P Ed.)- One has to score a minimum of 73 % in this examination, in order to pass it.

  • Subject Area Test- The passing scores for the different Subject Area tests vary individually.

Detailed information about the scores can be found on the Scores webpage ( of the official website. One can access the different sections of this webpage for a deeper understanding of the scoring system.


Though the questions are simple, the passing scores of the different sections of the test are high. Average performance in this test, will result in failure. Hence, one has to appear for this examination only when one is well prepared for it.

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