The Registration Process for FTCE

All about Registering for FTCE

If you desire to work as a teacher in the State of Florida, then you would have to take the FTCE. Since 2002, all candidates who desire to work as teachers or educators are required to undergo a state certification process conducted by the Bureau of Educator Certification (BEC) through certain standardized tests known as Florida Teaching Certification Exam (FTCE). Since this test is competitive, it is important to understand the registration process and apply early.

One should know that it is mandatory for candidates to apply to the BEA prior to the registration process. Aspiring candidates then have to undertake the tests specified by BEA in order to become certified and eligible to work as teachers in Florida. The application can be sent through the link-

About the Test:

The certification exam consists of three tests. These tests are the General Knowledge test, the Professional Education test and the Subject Area Examinations. All these tests are computer-based tests. It should be known that the paper-based tests have been discontinued.

The General Knowledge test contains four subtests and candidates are allowed to take a maximum of two subtests in each testing session. There are around 42 Subject Area Examinations conducted by BEA which cover domains from language to special educational areas. In order to get the specific information on each test, candidates can visit

Understanding the Test Registration Process in 3 Points:

  1. Test Registration:

    Candidates are required to complete the registration through the internet by visiting The details of the test dates and locations would be given during the process of registration. It is important to have a Social Security number in order to register for the test. It should be known that it is important to create an account for test registration. Through this account, one can modify details, reschedule or even cancel an appointment set for the test.

  2. Test Registration Fee:

    It is important to note that there are different registration fees for first time test-takers and test re-takers. Moreover, it is important to note that each test has a different fee.

    For example, the first attempt test fee for the General Knowledge test is $215 while the retake fee is $ 225. This fee is applicable for a combination set of any subtests. Similarly, the first attempt fee for the Professional Education test is $150 while the retake fee is $170. It should be known that the charges for the first attempt for this test and re-taking the test can be checked at

  3. Rescheduling Test Details:

    The test guidelines also have a provision for candidates to reschedule their test centers or test dates in case they desire to change details. It should be known that candidates should mention these changes and complete the process well in advance since no changes in date or testing venue are allowed 24 hours prior to the actual test date.

    It should be known that payments made by Master and Visa Cards are only accepted for this test. Candidates would receive the admission ticket on mail once they have completed the registration procedure successfully. After the test is taken, the score card would also be sent on the same email id.

    It is important to understand the registration process and register early. The process of registration for this test is easy and simple; however, one has to be careful about mentioning accurate details for this test. Even though the provision of retakes is given in this exam, it is essential that candidates are well-prepared for this test utilizing good quality study resources and ace this test with flying colors in the very first attempt.

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