Reviews of Study Books for FTCE

Best Way to Study from an FTCE Study Guide

The FTCE are a group of tests that assess the general, subject and professional knowledge skills of the teaching candidates in the U.S. state of Florida. Passing these tests is one of the requirements for obtaining a teacher's certificate in Florida and thereafter, for beginning a teaching career in that state. To prepare for these tests, many candidates opt for effective study guides or study books, which will help them fill in their knowledge and skill gaps. This article presents thorough reviews of 3 prep books, along with advice on how to best utilize a study guide for excellent test scores.

The 3 Effective Study Guides:

  1. Official Test Information Guides

    This is a collection of study guides that provides a detailed insight into the structure, format and design of the test. These guides enable the candidates to fully understand what they can expect in the respective tests. There is one free FTCE Test Information Guide available for every test in the FTCE group of examinations (including all the 42 subject-knowledge tests). Each guide includes the following information:

    • Details about the particular test's design.
    • Test-preparation and test-taking tips & strategies.
    • A complete list of skills, areas and competencies assessed in the test.
    • Details on test format and question types.
    • Number of questions that will appear under each skill/competency of the test.
    • Samples questions and answer keys.
    • An index of reference books for test preparation.

    Though these guides may not contain study or review material, they contain crucial information about the test, along with references to external study sources. Hence, they are recommended for all the candidates in combination with one or more other study guides. To download an FTCE Test Information Guide, please click on this link -

  2. CliffsTestPrep FTCE: General Knowledge Test

    This study guide has been co-written by Jeffrey S. Kaplan and Sandra Luna McCune, who are both accomplished university professors and authors. It is one of the few study books that have received a good number of positive responses from actual test-takers. The key features of this book are listed as follows:

    • It contains an introduction to the General Knowledge (GK) test, along with the answers to frequently-asked questions.
    • It contains in-depth material for all the 4 sub-tests of the GK test which includes:
      • Tips for essay-writing.
      • Study material in Math, English and Reading.
      • Practice questions and corresponding answer keys.
    • One diagnostic and two full-length practice tests, along with answer guides.

    You may buy this book from the Amazon online book store -

  3. CliffsTestPrep FTCE: Professional Education Test

    This prep book has been authored by Sandra Luna McCune and Vi Cain Alexander, who are highly-qualified professors and test specialists. This book contains:

    • A detailed summary of the chief aspects of the Professional Education (P.Ed.) test, along with FAQs regarding the same.
    • A comprehensive guide of test-taking strategies.
    • Study material for all the skills and knowledge-areas assessed in the P.Ed. test.
    • Sample questions, 1 Diagnostic and 2 practice tests, along with their answer guides.

    Among the several books available today, this book has received excellent feedback from its users. You may take a look at the user-reviews and then, purchase this book from this link -

The Best Way to Study from Study Guides:

Here is a well-proven, step-by-step method to best utilize your study guides:

  1. Firstly, be sure to go over all the information about the particular test (that you are writing) from your study book.

  2. When you are completely acquainted with the test structure, you must try a diagnostic test or a good number of practice questions from your guide. The results of this diagnosis will give you an idea about your areas of weaknesses and strengths in the test.

  3. Based on your diagnosis, you should set a priority level for the subjects-areas that you have to study. Then, study these subject-areas from your guide(s) and other reference materials.

  4. After the study phase is over, remember to take a good look at the section of your guide that provides test tips and strategies.

  5. Then, you should attempt as many full-length and timed practice tests as possible. While taking these tests, you must employ the tips that you have learned in the previously-mentioned step to improve your test scores.

  6. For essay-writing, you could request a co-teacher or a professional to score your essay. Such real-time feedback will be helpful in improving your writing skills.

Thus far, we have covered the reviews of 3 good study books, along with a step-by-step method to best utilize your study book. We hope that these reviews and advice will guide you in selecting the right guide for your test preparation and thereafter, help you achieve the best-possible scores.

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