About the FTCE Scores

6 Important Points about FTCE Scores

The FTCE is a group of 47 standardized sub-tests and stands for the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations. These tests have been developed in order to assess the candidates in terms of their basic knowledge in their respective subject-areas. This article focuses on the important information regarding these test scores and why they are important for you.

Brief Overview of the Test

There are 47 sub-tests in the FTCE - 42 tests are based on individual subject areas, 4 tests are based on General Knowledge and 1 test is based on Professional Education. For each of these 47 sub-tests, there is a specified time limit and a minimum percentage required for passing the test. In most of these cases, the minimum percentage required ranges from 60% to 70%. Thus, in order to complete the test successfully, you need to achieve the minimum scores needed.

6 Important Points about the Test Scores

  1. Minimum Scores needed

    The minmum passing scale scores is 200; however, on your score report only a 'PASS' or a 'NO PASS' status is provided. Thus, if you have scored above 200, you will just see the 'PASS' status.

    The scaled scare is determined by taking into account the raw score and the percentage of correct responses in you sub-test.

  2. How to Understand your Scores

    Your scores will be available on a score report. You will be able to see your passing status and other performance-based information for each test that you have taken on this score report. For each sub-test, there is a minimum percentage of questions that you need to attempt correctly. For example, to pass the sub-test in Spanish for grades K to 12, you need to mark at least 70% of the questions correctly. Similarly, in order to pass the Reading sub-test, you are required to solve at least 64% of the questions correctly.

  3. Score Report Dates

    There are two types of score reports dates for the reporting of the official scores. These are as follows:

    • For tests with only multiple-choice based questions, the unofficial score reports are released at the test site. This applies to all tests except those that are being developed or are under the process of revision.
    • For tests with both multiple-choice based questions and sub-tests such as the essay, there is no unofficial score report released at the test site. Instead, you will receive a Letter of Completion. The tests to which this Letter of Completion applies are - General Knowledge Essay, English for grades 6 to12, Middle Grades English for grades 5 to 9, FELE for grade 3, French for grades K to12, German for grades K to12, Spanish for grades K to12, and Speech for grades 6 to12.
  4. Unofficial Score Reports

    Unofficial scores are the ones that are provided to you as soon as you complete the tests. These scores are provided at the test site and are unofficial because they cannot be used for any official purposes. The reason is that these scores are not accompanied by in-depth analysis and the scores of sections such as the general knowledge essay and Spanish are not yet included in these.

  5. Official Score Reports

    Official scores take a time period of 4 to 6 weeks from the test date to be declared. Usually, these are declared over the internet on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 AM. You have a time of 60 days in which you can view, print and save these scores. In case, the time period of 60 days has expired and you still need the scores, you can fill up the Duplicate Score Report Request Form by paying a charge of 10$.

  6. Rescoring

    If you wish to get your tests rescored, you can schedule an appointment for a Score Verification Session by going to the link http://www.fl.nesinc.com/FL_ScoreVerification.asp. Such a session will allow you the opportunity to submit some scoring challenges for those particular tests in which you believe were incorrectly scored. Such a session will cost 25$ and you need to make this payment while sending in the rescoring request form itself.

Hence, it can be concluded that there are a lot of important points you need to know regarding the scores and how they are useful. These scores determine whether you pass or fail the test. So keep in mind these above mentioned points and be prepared to scores high in the FTCE.

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