Information Regarding Preparation for FTCE

Information about Prep Materials for FTCE Prep

Preparation for the FTCE refers to the study procedure that one follows for qualifying and scoring high in the Florida Teacher Certification Examination. This term also includes the registration and other administrative formalities that one has to complete in order to appear for the exam. Ideally, we can assume that our preparation for this examination is complete, only when both our studies as well as the administrative tasks for this examination are completed in a timely manner. Hence, one should ensure that there is no incompleteness in one's preparation.

Popular FTCE Preparation Materials

In this section, we shall discuss about some commonly used study materials:

  • The Official FTCE Information Guides ( These are the best guides as they are written by the FTCE authorities, and hence, are fully authentic. Secondly, these are consolidated sources of information, on all aspects of the FTCE (test development, test norms, test format, preparation strategies, sample questions, and further reading resources).

    These should be used as the primary source of preparation and one should follow them strictly. However, these information guides do not have adequate content on the subjects and practice questions. Hence, one can further refer to the study resources.

  • FTCE Manuals from Government Resources- A number of government resources are offering study materials in the online PDF format. Most of them are available for public viewership. These materials can be considered as next to the official information guides in authenticity, as they are from the US government sources. One can refer to these guides for preparing for the exam.

  • Paid and Unpaid FTCE Study Resources- Many publishers are publishing both online and conventional study resources. Some of these study resources are paid, while others are free. Moreover, while some free resources are good, not all of them can be expected to be of high quality. One should not forget to judge the quality of a study material, based on this criterion. Paid online materials can be expected to be of good quality, but quality cannot be guaranteed in this case either. Hence, the safest way to opt for a good prep book is to assess its quality by reading its reviews on third-party websites (do not read reviews on the websites of the publisher or the book promoter), or by taking the opinions of experts.

Guidelines for Preparing for the Examination

Given below are some general guidelines to study for the test:

  • One should start the preparation with adequate time in hand.

  • One should apply a combination of study techniques for effectiveness. A candidate can refer to the official test preparation guide, read the further-study resources recommended in it, and take tuitions for difficult subjects, if required.

  • One should remember that in the case of study materials, one resource may not cater to all your study requirements. Hence, you should try out a combination of these study resources. You can take the help of experts to plan out wise usage of the study materials for your benefit.

  • Above all, consistency and systematic effort hold the key to success in the examination. The test preparation should be done by setting daily realistic goals of preparation and ensuring that one meets them at the end of the day. One should ensure that one has completely covered the entire syllabus before taking this test.

  • The candidate should practice sample questions in an environment that simulates the test environment, for acquaintance with the testing environment will lead to better performance on the final day of the examination. This is important as any new or unexpected experiences in the examination hall are going to adversely affect one's performance.

  • The preparation should be completed at least a month before the scheduled date for taking this examination, to allow recapitulation of all the knowledge that one has acquired.

  • One should set aside the last month for revising all that one has studied. This is important as learning, without being able to recall the knowledge gained, is futile!


The preparation for the FTCE should be aimed at gaining complete knowledge of all the content areas, the ability to identify the most appropriate answer for a given question, the ability to make educated guesswork, and complete the question paper within the time duration prescribed for this test.

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