Comparative Analysis of FTCE and FELE

Comparison of FTCE and FELE

FTCE and FELE are two major examinations that teaching professionals should take, in order to be certified for pursuing a teaching career in Florida. FTCE is the abbreviated form of Florida Teacher Certification Examination; while the FELE is the abbreviation for the Florida Educational Leadership Examination. Tests for both these examinations are conducted at centers authorized by the respective examination authorities.

Both the examinations are conducted by the same body- the Florida Department of Education's Bureau of Educator Certification and the questions are in the form of multiple-choice and constructed-response items. However, these are two different exams and given below are the differences between them:

  • The FTCE tests the subject matter expertise of its examinees, while the FELE tests the leadership skills of its examinees.

  • The FTCE certification is meant for persons wanting to become teachers in schools, while the other certification is meant for those who want to pursue a career in school administration in Florida.

  • The number of testing areas as well as the scoring pattern is different for both the tests.

Overview of the FTCE

This exam is meant for those who wish to teach students in Florida and it consists of 3 major content areas, namely, General Knowledge, Professional Education, and Subject Area knowledge. All these three content areas consist of objective-type questions with multiple choice answers, except for the Essay section of the General Knowledge content area, which requires one to write an essay.

The number of questions, time duration, and passing scores, for the different content areas are discussed below. The specific skills that will be tested in these content areas are also mentioned, in the following discussion. So let us take a look at the sections mentioned below:

  • General Knowledge- This content area tests the English language grammar, writing and comprehension skills, along with basic Mathematics skills. Details about the individual sections of this content area are as follows:

    • English Language Skills - This section presents 40 questions that have to be answered in 40 minutes. One has to answer 73% of the questions correctly in order to pass in it.

    • Essay - Here, the candidate is given 50 minutes to write a single essay on a given topic. He/she has to obtain a score of 6/12 in order to pass in this section.

    • Reading - This section consists of 40 questions of the objective pattern, with multiple-choice answers, which needs to be answered in 40 minutes. One needs to attain a minimum score of 65% in order to pass in this section.

    • Mathematics - This section, like the previous section, presents 40 questions of the objective pattern, requiring to be answered with a correct option from amongst 4 answer choices. However, the time allotted for answering these questions is longer than the time allotted for the questions of the ESL and Reading sections. The total time duration for this test is 100 minutes. Compared to the other sections, the minimum passing score is low, being 58%.

    The questions of these sections are not difficult, but they cover a wide range of topics. Candidates have to be well-conversant with all those topics so that they can answer the given questions correctly within the allotted period of time.

  • Professional Education Test (P Ed.)- This examination is designed to test the teaching skills of the examinees and it is not divided into any subsections. You will find a set of 120 questions of the objective pattern, with multiple-choice answers that need to be answered in a time period of 2 hours 30 minutes. One has to answer 73% of questions of this section, correctly, in order to qualify in it.

  • Subject Area Tests- These are subject-specific tests, such as Journalism, History, Politics etc. which tests a candidate's ability to teach these subjects in school. One has to take one or more of these tests in order to become eligible to teach them in schools. The questions and passing percentages for each of the Subject Area tests vary. For more information on this, you can refer to the official website (


These two examinations aim to test different kinds of aptitudes of candidates wanting to take up a career in the Florida education industry. If one is interested in trying out both the tests, he/she has to notify the relevant testing authorities at the time of applying for the tests. Relevant guidance can be found on the official website of these tests.