Details About Scores and the Sections of FTCE

How to Score High in FTCE?

FTCE are the tests that prospective teachers of Florida have to appear for, in order to be eligible for pursuing a career in teaching in the state. The certification is awarded by the Bureau of Educator Certification (BEC) of the Department of Education, Florida. It is mandatory for all teaching professionals to possess a temporary or permanent BEC certification in teaching.

The exam consists of 3 categories of tests that are standardized in compliance to the standards of the Florida Sunshine State Standards. These tests are, namely, the General Knowledge Test, Professional Education Test, and the Subject Area Examinations; each of these tests consists of subtests.

How to Take the FTCE?

A candidate has to first send an application for taking the test to the BEC, who will evaluate that application and advice him or her on the tests that he/she has to take in order to obtain the certification. Based on this assessment, the candidate will need to register for the different tests prescribed by the BEC.

Sections of the FTCE

The different sections of the FTCE are discussed below:

  • General Knowledge Test-This test consists of four subtests that assesses the general academic skills of the candidates in English and Mathematics.

    • English subsections:

      • English Language Skills (ESL)- This section consists of 40 questions that have to be answered in 40 minutes.
      • Reading- This section consists of 40 questions that have to be answered in 40 minutes.
      • Essay- An essay has to be written within a time period of 50 minutes.

      The ESL and Reading sections (which test the basic grammar and language comprehension skills) consist of questions with multiple-choice answers; the Essay section (which tests the writing skills) requires one to write an essay./p>

    • Mathematics: The Mathematics section tests the basic Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra skills of the candidate. This section consists of 45 questions that have to be completed in 100 minutes.

  • Professional Education Test (P Ed.)- This test does not have any subtests, but has a set of 120 multiple-choice questions that have to be answered within 150 minutes.

  • Subject Area Examinations-Each of these exams is based on a single academic subject. The candidates can appear for one or more of these tests, based on their subject matter expertise and the instructions of the BEC in response to their applications.

Further information about the different exams can be obtained by visiting

Format- These tests are available in the online format.

Scoring- The report and scores are made available to the test takers after about 4 weeks of their taking this test, on their internet accounts. These results will be available for about a couple of months after their declaration and test takers can save them and use the same for different purposes.

The FTCE is a PASS/ NO PASS test. The minimum scores to be obtained, in its different sections, are as follows:

  • English Language Skills Test( ELS)- 73%
  • Essay- 6/12
  • Reading- 65%
  • Mathematics- 58%
  • Professional Education- 73%
  • Subject Area Test- Variable

How to Get High Scores?

Securing a high score is important not only for gaining a competitive edge over one’s competitors, but also to secure a passing score in this examination. Mentioned below are some tips that can help the candidates perform well in this test:

  • One should register for the examination only when one is thoroughly prepared for this examination.

  • One should go through the official preparation material ( in detail and prepare as per the instructions given in the guides.

  • One should gain access to as many authentic study resources as possible and utilize them in their preparation. One should take the help of experts to be on the right track right from the beginning of one’s preparation.


The FTCEis not easy to crack as the scores to pass these tests are high. One should prepare very well for this examination before attempting it, in order to avoid failure. One should bear in mind that effective practice makes one perfect and the only way to succeed in this examination is to put in hard work.

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