Benefits of Books for FTCE

Advantages of Studying from a Good FTCE Book

If you are planning to take the FTCE, then you need to take the help of a good guide to assist you with your preparation. The book that you buy should effectively communicate high-level and technical information about the exam in a palatable manner to the readers, so that they easily understand each and every part of it and implement its suggestions. It should be authored by persons who are FTCE certified or experts.

Advantages of Studying from a Good Book

The advantages of studying from a good guide are many. Some important benefits that a candidate can obtain from a good book are as follows:

  1. Complete Information about the exam
    1. A good prep guide will include information about the purpose of the test and its importance.
    2. It enlightens the readers on the benefits of getting certified.
    3. It provides information about the test administering authorities.
    4. It explains, in detail, all the steps involved in appearing for this examination, right from the stage of applying for taking the exam, to finally appearing for the same.
    5. It provides complete information about the syllabus covered in the subtests and about the format, its duration and scoring system.

  2. Exhaustive Lessons and Practice Material

    A good guide will provide lessons that aim to clarify the test-taker’s concepts and help them understand the subjects that he/she will be tested in. The lessons of this book will have adequate practice tests to enable the test takers to rehearse for the actual exam.

  3. Efficient Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies

    A good book should contain a number of useful preparation and test-taking strategies, which the candidate can learn and implement easily.

Review of Popular FTCE Books

  • The Official FTCE Test Information Guides ( The official FTCE preparation guides, as listed on the Test Information Guide webpage (, are invaluable study resources for this exam. Each and every guide, recommended on this webpage is one of the most authentic study resources one can ever expect to find for this examination, as it is prepared and recommended by the FTCE creators. It is due to this fact that these books should be considered as the primary resources for preparation. One should consider following other popular books only after reading these thoroughly.

  • FTCE Books from Government Sources- A number of US government sources have PDF manuals on this test. These are authentic as they are from government sources. These manuals are mostly found to be of high-standard and they are written in an easy-to-follow language. These manuals are mostly available online. Hence, one should search for them and refer to them online itself.

  • FTCE Books from Popular Publishers- The books published by popular publishers can be easily purchased from a local bookstore or online, such as However, one should be careful in choosing such books because often, many of them are not found to be as worthy as they are claimed to be. It is recommended that one follows the user ratings and reviews of these books, as found on third-party user forums and blogs before purchasing these books. Candidates should also take the advice of experts regarding the books that they should purchase for their preparation.


A good guide plays a significant role helping the candidates score high in the examination. The FTCE test taker should also bear in mind that it is not enough to simply possess a guide, but he/she should also know how to use this book wisely.

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