Options for Preparing for DAT

3 Available Options for Preparing for DAT

Excellence cannot be achieved in any examination unless you are well-prepared for it and this is especially true for a graduate school admission test like the DAT. There are a number of ways by which you can prepare for the Dental Admission Test (DAT), but you must understand your options regarding the test preparation before you select one. The following section of this article will provide an insight into the features of some of the common methods of preparation.

What Options do I have Regarding the Test Preparation?

Although the choice of the method depends on you, yet you must understand your requirements and constraints before choosing one. Some of the common methods are as follows:

  1. Online courses: This method is ideally suited for candidates who have time and travel constraints. For example, if you are already studying in a college (pre-dental education) then you will find it difficult to attend full- fledged classroom sessions, as a part of your training. In such a scenario, you can enroll in an online course. Some of these courses allow you schedule the entire training session according to your comfort. You can attend virtual classes and even access the online library or the archive of the institute providing the online course, from anywhere, anytime!

  2. Classroom sessions: This is the traditional method of study. Most of the premier training institutes, like Princeton Review and Kaplan, hold classroom sessions in their training centers located all over USA. The positive factors about attending classroom sessions are that you get to interact with other candidates preparing for the test as well as get individual attention from dedicated tutors. Moreover, the study and reading materials, which will help, are provided by the institute itself. Usually, the registration fees that you pay while enrolling in a session is inclusive of the reading and study materials.

  3. Hiring a tutor: This method is preferred by candidates who require individual attention. If you feel that there are certain segments of the test that you are very weak in, then you can consider hiring a tutor. Although hiring a tutor may prove to be expensive, yet the investment is usually worthwhile, because the tutor will be only concerned about your preparation. Unlike classroom sessions, where the teacher also has to give attention to other pupils, your tutor will be bothered about your progress alone. Moreover, the tutor will also help you develop strategies, so that you can take the test in a competent manner.

Once you have understood the pros and cons of various preparation methods, it becomes imperative that you choose one that you are most comfortable with. The following sections of this article will provide insight into how the ideal preparatory method can be chosen.

How to Choose a Preparatory Method?

There are a number of institutes offering various methods for test preparation. Some institutes provide both online and classroom courses, so that students can select whichever they are comfortable with. You can also get in touch with other candidates preparing for DAT through various forums. This will give you an idea regarding the most preferred method. Some of the points that you should remember while choosing a method to prepare for DAT are as follows:

  • Choose a good institute: If you are keen on joining a classroom session then you should select one in your neighborhood. For example, Princeton Review holds classroom sessions all over USA. You can choose a course in your locality by clicking on the following link:http://www.princetonreview.com/ChooseProducts.aspx?&testtype=TGA&producttype=ILD&productdetail=DATCourse

    Similarly Kaplan, another renowned name in the field of DAT training, provides classroom as well as online courses. You can learn more about them by clicking on the following link:

  • Understand your requirements: The method that you choose for preparation must be suitable for you. In other words, it should meet most of your requirements. For example, if you want to enroll in an online course that offers complete preparation at an affordable rate then click on the following link: http://www.acemcatonline.com/dat

The above-mentioned list provides certain pointers that you should take into account when you study for the test, consequently explaining, how you can prepare for DAT. So choose a method, keeping in mind your requirements and then start preparing for the test.

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