Useful Information About DAT

Understand the DAT in 6 Steps

If a dental career is what you are interested in, you need to know that taking the DAT or the Dental Admission Test is a must on your part. It serves as a kind of basis on which the medical school can decide whether you will be able to succeed in the dental course that you have selected. If you are able to obtain a high score, then you will have better chances of getting admission in the college of your choice. On the other hand, if you are unable to get a good result then your application may be rejected. Thus, it is vital that you do not just know about this test but also understand what it is about. Only when you truly understand the examination, will you be able to score high in it. This exam can either make or break your career as a dentist, so make sure that you are preparing for the same in the best possible manner.

Six Things To Know about DAT

There are certain features of the test that you need to be aware of so that you can truly and completely understand what it really is. Given below are the things you need to know about this test:

  1. This is a computer-based examination and as such, you will need to answer the questions online. All the questions will be of the multiple-choice type, where each question will have four answer options. You need to think carefully and then choose an option that you believe is the correct answer from the options displayed to you.

  2. There are four sections in the examination that will be tested and these are Reading Comprehension, Natural Sciences, Quantitative Reasoning and the Perceptual Ability Test. In the Natural Sciences section, you will find three sub-sections and these are General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biology.

  3. The total time that will be given to you to complete all these sections, including the three breaks of 15 minutes each, is 5 hours. You will have an hour to complete the Reading Comprehension, another hour for the Perceptual Ability Test, 45 minutes for Quantitative Reasoning and 90 minutes for the Natural Sciences section.

  4. Since this is a computerized test, it is possible for you to obtain your result instantly after you have completed all the sections. The score that you obtain will be in the form of Standard Score and this will range from 1 to 30. All the questions in the four sections will be given a raw score initially and later on, they will be converted into Standard Scores. You will find that there are 8 Standard Scores that will be mentioned in the test report.

  5. If you are unable to obtain a good result in the first attempt, you can always consider opting for a retest. On the other hand, it is important for you to know that after taking the exam three times if you still wish to opt for another test, you will need to obtain a special permission for the same.

  6. The mean or average score is set at 17 but is has been reported that students who get admission into the dental schools have generally obtained a score of 19. Your aim should be to score as high as possible because if you are unable to do that, you may not be able to get admission in the dental college that you wish to study in.

To Conclude...

You can obtain a high score in the exam only if you have studied for the same effectively. You need to make sure that you are studying for the test properly too because without proper preparation, you cannot succeed in the examination. Your medical career will depend on how well you perform in this exam, so make sure that you are taking necessary actions to study for the same.

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