Utility of Study Books for DAT

Utility of Studying from Books for DAT

Candidates feel that studying for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) on their own can be quite difficult, because there are no mentors to guide them. This is where guide books come in handy, playing the role of teachers and guiding you through the entire preparation process.

However, there are a number of  books available in the market and the question is "how do you make the best use of them?" The following section of this article will help you select good books, consequently helping you understand the use of studying for the test from these books.

What do I need to study from Guide Books?

Even if you enroll in a training course, you will ultimately have to study for the test from books. So, students embarking on a process of self-study for the test usually purchase good books to help them prepare. Some of the things you should keep in mind while studying from books are as follows:

  • Providing equal attention to all sections of the test: After you have selected a book for the preparation ensure that you provide equal focus to all the sections of the test, as per the instructions of your books. This is essential because, the score card provides a separate score and percentile rank corresponding to each section of the test. When considering your admission applications, the dental schools will take into account the score that you have received for each section of the test. Thus, you can extract maximum advantage from the guide books by following them closely and studying all sections of the test diligently.

  • Comprising an extensive practice section: The essential element of preparation is practice. Good books come with CD ROMs, so that you can simulate test-like conditions at home. This is advantageous because it will ensure that you are prepared for the time constraints that you are likely to face during the actual examination.

  • Help you develop tips, strategies: Like a mentor, good books help you formulate tips and strategies that will help you take the test more efficiently. This is important, because for DAT you will have to solve 280 questions in less than 5 hours. These tips and strategies suggested by the guide books will provide you with an edge over other candidates taking the same examination.

  • Develop a routine: The greatest positive factor of self-study is that you can prepare your own routine and pace your preparation according to your wishes. You must study thoroughly from the text books as they will provide pointers to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This in turn will help you make a routine, so that you can provide extra attention to the topics you are less confident in. Overcoming your weaknesses will prove to be a key advantage, which you can gain by studying from good books.

The above-mentioned list points out some methods by which you can make maximum use of these books. However, before you start preparing from any book ensure that it meets most of your requirements. The following section of this article will provide insights into some of the better known books.

Review of a Few Study Guides

There are a number of books available in the market and each of them has unique features that set it apart from others. To help you choose good ones, reviews of some of the good study guides are provided here:

  • Kaplan DAT: As the name of the book suggests it is published by Kaplan, a renowned name in the field of training students for various entrance examinations. This book reflects their years of expertise. It also comprises CD ROMs, which consist of 2 complete full length mock tests. If you take these tests, you will get a firsthand knowledge of the time constraints that you are likely to face during the actual test. This book is best suited for students looking for a complete preparatory book, which provides equal attention to the topics covered in the test as well as consisting of an elaborate practice segment.

  • DAT Achiever Dental Admission Test Prep: This is an e-book which you can download onto your computer the moment you pay the subscription money. The unique feature of this book is that it comprises 7 full length mock tests, which you can solve under the time restrictions of the actual test. Candidates, who have completed preparing for the DAT and only want to practice solving sample questions, can make maximum use of this book. The full-length practice tests will get you acquainted with the time issues that you will face during the examination.

  • Barron's DAT: Dental Admissions Test: Barron's is a renowned name in the field of publishing. This book by Barron reflects their expertise in publishing a book that provides in-depth knowledge of the subjects tested in the DAT and consisting of a number of practice questions. It comes with a CD ROM that comprises 2 full lengths mock tests, which simulate the testing conditions of the actual examination. Candidates who are looking to study the topics covered in the examination can make maximum use of the Barron's DAT, because it comprises of exhaustive discussions on the subject matter tested in the test.

The above-mentioned list provides an insight into some of the books you can consider using. If you follow carefully the instructions provided in these books with regard to preparatory methods, strategy development and practicing for DAT, you will find that you are able to make maximum use of these books. Since you will be preparing on your own, the books are your guide and following your guide is essential if you want to fare well in the test.