Social Science CSET

Social Science CSET – A Brief Overview

The CSET exam intends to provide certification to potential candidates or teachers who are professed with the skills and abilities that correspond with the requirements for obtaining the certificate. In fact, more and more teachers are encouraged to take this test for demonstrating their fundamental skills in the subjects that are tested in this exam so that they meet the skills that are required for obtaining this certification

When it comes to Social Science CSET, this section of the test is taken in the computer-adapted format and it is continued for 3 hours along with other subjects such as Reading, Language and Literature History. The test of Social Science in CSET requires the students to answer questions that are based on historical issues and perspectives. Additionally, the test takers have to study for Social Science CSET from an analytical point of view and understand the role of economics or geography while studying for this section.

What are the topics or the contents Social Science CSET? Let us analyze them in the following points:

  • World History: The subjects that are included in this section are Ancient Civilizations, Medieval and Early Modern Times and Modern World History.

  • US History: In this section of Social Science CSET, the subjects that are tested include Pre Revolutionary Era and the War of Independence, The Emergence of a New Nation, The Development of Constitution and the Early Republic, The Gilded Age, Civil War and Reconstruction, The United States as a World Power, The Era of 1920. The Great Depression and the Renewal of the Old Deal, The Second World War, The State of Affairs in America during the period of post Second World War, The Foreign Policy of the United States after the Second World War and the Civil Rights Movement.

  • History of California: This subjects on which the test takers are required to answer questions in this section include The Era before the Columbian Period until the termination of Mexican Rule, and The Gold Rush to the Present Era.

  • Principles of American Democracy: The sub topics of this section of Social Science CSET include Basic Values and Principles of Civil Society, The Significant Cases of US Supreme Court, The Three Divisions of Government, The Powers and Methods of National, State, Local and Tribal Governments, The Issues that Arise during the Elective Campaign at the National, State and Local Level. Furthermore, the topics are The Role of Media in the ambience of American Politics, Political Systems and the Tensions that prevail within the Constitutional Democracy.

  • The Principles of Economics: The Branches of this topic in Social Science CSET include The Terms and Concepts in Economics and Economic Reasoning, Components of Market Economy of United States within an International Setting, The Relationship between Politics and Economics. The Components of America’s Labor Market in an International Setting, The Overall Economic Performance of American Economy and International Trade vis-a-vis American Economy.

  • The Principles of Geography: The Test takers need to have knowledge about the Tools and Perspectives of Geographical Study, The Culture and the Physical Milieu, The Diversity that exists between the landscapes and the human societies.

While the points stated above include the specific topics that are included in Social Science CSET, the candidates must possess the required skills related to History, Geography and Economics and the relation that exists between them. In order to obtain the certification for which CSET is taken, the test takers should exhibit a high level of competence that is required for analyzing, comparing and contrasting the issues of social science. In fact, they must also have the eagerness to explore different resources in order to reach a conclusion while answering the questions in this section of CSET.

As far as CSET Multiple Subjects is concerned, that includes Social Science, the test takers may prefer to focus on one or all of the subtests within a single administration. For Social Science CSET, the aspirants of this examination must work hard for achieving their desired goals.

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