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Step-by-Step CSET Registration Guide

The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET is a test that measures the eligibility of the candidates who are eager to pursue their career in teaching, and require credentials or certificates for assisting them in this profession. The test, which is jointly developed and conducted by CTC or California Commission for Teacher Credentialing and Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson, offers an excellent opportunity to the candidates to fulfill their goals.

The advantage of taking this test is that it is offered in a variety of subjects and the test takers are required to explore all the areas of the subjects minutely in order to obtain passing scores in CSET. The process of registration is vital for all those candidates intending to take this test. How to register for CSET?

In order to register for CSET, the test takers need to follow up the designated schedule for registration, that is available on the website of CSET. However, emergency or late registration options also exist for those test takers who are unable to register for CSET within the regular timings. There are separate registration procedures for Computer and Paper-based testing and we will analyze both in the following points.

Steps of Registration for Paper-Based Testing

What are the ways in which the test takers can register for CSET in Paper-Based testing? Let us note them in the following points:

  • The online registration procedure for Paper-based testing is available 24x7 according to regular, late and emergency deadlines.

  • The candidates residing in locations belonging to Pacific Standard Time should follow the registration deadlines according to schedule.

  • Telephonic registration is also available for Paper-Based testing from 9-5pm Pacific Time. This facility can be availed by the test takers from Monday to Friday except for public holidays.

Registration Methods for Computer-Based Testing

Similarly, the methods of registration for Computer-Based testing are presented in the following points:

  • In order to register for CSET in Computer-based testing, the candidates should begin by visiting the website at Those candidates who have their login account should click on the option "Register Now" and provide all the details regarding their personal information and the modes of payment. For personal information, the candidates are required to provide their social security number, credit card details, email address and their name with correct spelling. The candidates not having their accounts must visit this web page at for more details about opening the account.

  • As soon as the registration request of the candidates are acknowledged at the other end, they are supposed to receive an email confirmation from Evaluation Systems that provides them with the opportunity to take the test within one year from the date of registration. The candidates should act responsibly by checking the test details sent to them via email and notify the authorities immediately in case of any errors in the same so that the rectification can be carried out immediately.

  • The instructions of the email should be used by the candidates for scheduling a date of CSET administration. Thereafter, the test takers will receive confirmation about the venue and its address along with the time and date of the test.

A Quick Snapshot of CSET Registration

While the above points present a detailed account of CSET registration, the following points provide a quick glimpse about how to register for CSET:

  • The options of registration should be chosen by the candidates such as the date, time and venue of the test and the choice of subtests.

  • The payment for CSET registration should be done through credit, debit or check card.

  • The personal information that is required at the time of registration must be readily provided by the candidates.

  • The aspirants of CSET should also provide answers to the background questions that are asked by the authorities. For more information regarding the nature of these questions, the candidates must log on to

  • The candidates must agree to follow the policies in order to register for CSET.

The registration procedure of CSET should be strictly followed by the test takers in order to obtain the teaching credentials for delivering lessons to their students and enhance their career in teaching.

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