Physical Education CSET

What is Physical Education CSET?

The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET paves the way for potential teachers to earn certification or credential for teaching based on their proficiencies on the subjects that are tested in this exam. This test is administered for the candidates on a variety of subjects in Computer and Paper-based formats.

Physical Education CSET is one of the topics of the third subtest of Multiple Subjects, which is available in Computer-Based testing. What are the features of this test that the candidates should know about the test of Physical Education?

The Features of CSET Physical Education

The following points contain some of the important characteristics of Physical Education CSET:

  • The third subtest of Multiple Subjects includes Physical Education as one of the topics along with Visual and Performing Arts and Human Development.

  • The total time allotted for all the three subtests is 135 minutes.

  • Physical Education CSET can be taken in a single sitting or with the other topics together.

  • The basic objective of taking this test is to know about the fundamental aspects of developmental and motor skills.

  • The candidates taking the test of Physical Education CSET should understand that earning teaching credentials in this topic would require them to arrange the lessons in such a manner so that it inspires the students to participate in a variety of games. By answering questions on different categories of this test, the candidates are expected to sharpen their skills on the same.

  • The candidates should learn to differentiate between one student and another on the basis of their developmental skills and suggest physical activities for them. Additionally, the students may also be enthused about the significance of leading an active lifestyle for physical well-being.

  • Furthermore, the test takers must also learn to emphasize on different types of activities that are responsible for good health and the obstacles that may hamper the same.

  • Besides focusing on the aspects of physical well-being, the candidates must also have knowledge about the cultural and historical effect or impact on sports.

The Contents of Physical Education Subtest in CSET

While the above-mentioned points focus on those aspects that the prospective teaches are expected to learn by taking Physical Education CSET, they should also have adequate knowledge about the exact contents of this subtest. Let us find out in the following points:

  • The first domain of Physical Education that includes Professional Foundations, the candidates must exhibit a profound knowledge of those concerns that have a deep effect on the field, and the ways in which physical educators should execute their responsibilities with high levels of professionalism.

  • In the second domain of Physical Education CSET, which is called Growth, Motor Development and Motor Learning, the basic knowledge and understanding of the test takers in motor development and learning shows that they have the potential for imparting lessons to normal and disabled students in an efficient manner and within a safe environment.

  • The third domain of Physical Education test, which is classified as The Science of Human Movement, the candidates taking this exam should demonstrate their understanding regarding the scientific concepts or notions that lie underneath human movement and motion on a whole. Furthermore, they are also required to possess knowledge and understanding on how to deliver lessons on safe and effective body movements.

  • In the Fourth Domain of Physical Education test that includes The Sociology and Psychology of Human Movement, the candidates must learn how to inspire the students in continuing their physical activities irrespective of their potential. In addition to this, the test takers must also focus on how social and personal behavior provides support for varied physical activities throughout life.

  • The fifth domain of Physical Education CSET includes Movement, Concepts and Forms in which the candidates must know how to coordinate movement and health activities with physical education in different environments.

  • The sixth domain of Physical Education subtest in CSET includes Assessment and Evaluation Principles and the knowledge of test takers on this helps them to evaluate the progress of the students for fulfilling their goals in Physical Education. Besides this, the candidates also need to develop strategies to address the needs of each individual on health and fitness.

  • In the Final section of Physical Education in CSET, the domain includes Integration of Concepts in which the candidates need to consolidate the concepts of physical education and create opportunities for students to reach their goals.

The candidates appearing for Physical Education CSET should excel in all these categories for earning teaching credentials in this subtest.

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