Pass the CSET

7 Prep Tips for CSET That are Sure to Help You

Those candidates, who are eager to earn credentials for teaching in California, must pass the CSET or The California Subject Examination for Teachers that is administered in a variety of subjects. In this test, the skills and abilities of the candidates are measured against certain conditions or criteria and the test of each subject intends to measure specific proficiencies of the test takers.

The preparation for CSET is one of the major aspects of taking this test. In order to pass the CSET, the candidates must obtain the required scores in the subtests that are based on specific subjects for which the certification is to be obtained. What are the pre requisites that are necessary to pass the CSET?

The Seven Prep Tips for CSET

The points that are mentioned below consist of seven incredible prep tips that must be followed by the test takers:

  1. The candidates must decide the date on which they wish to take the test because CSET is held on different dates throughout the year. In fact, the time of registration for CSET is intrinsically linked to the level of preparation and the modes that are to be used for the same.

  2. Thereafter, it is necessary for the candidates to arrive at a conclusion about the subjects for which they intend to obtain the teaching credentials. Furthermore, they must analyze their strengths and weaknesses for taking the subtests that are conducted for each subject of CSET.

  3. Choosing the correct mode of preparation is the most vital point for the test takers and there should be serious concerns on this issue. While the choice of test takers is final when it comes to test prep mode, a combination of different categories of test prep is the best way to prepare for CSET.

  4. The candidates taking the CSET must also be encouraged to take practice tests at different stages of preparation in order to gauge their level of preparation and strengthen it at the same time. However, the intention of every candidate should be to excel in the subjects of the test rather than to only pass the CSET.

  5. Each test taker should familiarize himself/herself with the sections of the test, types of questions, duration in order to pass the CSET. Although, a majority of test takers depend on prep classes for taking this test, self studying is of equal importance in order to retain what they have learnt.

  6. The subtests and its topics of CSET are encompassing in general. Therefore, the candidates need to have a reasonably sharp memory in order to know what is required for preparation. In short, following the prep modes blindly would take the candidates nowhere and they may even find it difficult to pass the CSET.

  7. Lastly, the test prep materials and the books for CSET must be thoroughly examined before the aspirants of CSET start studying for this test. This should be done to avoid old and outdated materials. In this context, consulting the students who have taken this test in the previous years is an excellent option for enhancing the scores obtained in CSET.

The preparation of taking the CSET determines whether the test takers would be able to pass the CSET or not. Therefore, it is necessary for them to think carefully about CSET test prep from the beginning so that it helps them to move forward towards success.

The CSET Prep Resources

As far as CSET test prep resources are concerned, the following points sum up a few of them for the candidates of this exam:

  • Cracking the CSET by Princeton Review: A study guide, which is appropriate for the three subtests and the section on Writing Skills.

  • Barron's CSET: California Subject Matter Examination for Teachers-Multiple Subjects: With over 300 practice questions and review items, this is another useful study guide for the test takers.

  • Teachers Test Prep: This is a prep class for which the candidates need to register according to the schedule of classes that are held regularly. Besides the prep materials, this resource emphasizes on the test taking strategies.

A Concluding Tip

A combination of the tricks and tips for CSET along with suitable study resources is a must have for all the aspirants to pass the CSET and perform well in this test.

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