Health CSET

Health Science Section in CSET - A Brief Overview

The CSET or The California Subject Examination for Teachers is taken by the potential teachers in order to earn teaching credentials or certification in different fields of education. This test has been initiated by CTC or California Commission on Teacher Credentialing along with Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson for administration and scoring of this test.

As far as taking CSET is concerned, the candidates get an opportunity to choose from a variety of subjects and take the subtests related to those on which they wish to obtain the credential for teaching. The Health Science section in CSET belongs to Single Subjects category in which there are three subtests that are offered in Paper-Based testing. These subtests can be taken by the candidates in a single session or separately as they may desire for which the registration process should be completed within time.

The Subtests of Health Science CSET

For Health CSET, the following points sum up the divisions or subtests:

  • The first subtest deals with Foundations of Health Education, Chronic and Communicable Diseases along with Human Growth and Development.

  • In the second subtest of Health CSET, the topics consist of Mental and Emotional Health, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, and Nutrition and Fitness.

  • The topics of the third subtest of Health CSET include Consumer and Community Health, Family Life and Interpersonal Relationships, along with Environmental Health.

Taking the Health Science test allow the candidates to obtain an authority of delivering lessons on these topics to the students. On the other hand, by taking this test, it is expected that the candidates must learn about the significance of the topics that are included in it and enhance their knowledge on the same.

Overview of Health Science Test

In the following points, an overview of Health CSET is presented for the readers:

  • The candidates taking this test need to activate their knowledge and skills of topics that are based on health for applying them in several areas of health. For instance, the knowledge of the principles of science and behavior are implemented towards Health Science.

  • The ways in which the skills of an individual can be utilized for encouraging healthy behavior is another aspect that must be interpreted by the candidates of this test.

  • The test takers must also learn to identify the growth and development of an individual and the many differences that exist in families along with their essence of culture.

  • Similarly, the candidates taking Health CSET should be able to accumulate information about health and put it as statistical data in order to evaluate the requirement of health education across different communities and ways in which these aspects vary with changes in social and cultural environments.

  • The test takers must know the differences that exist between health education that is based on appropriate scientific research and also without it.

  • For test takers of Health CSET, it is necessary to know how to establish links between the health educators and the settings in which they deliver health education. Additionally, they should analyze the factors that affect school education.

  • The candidates must also learn how situations or attitude towards health lead to difficulties that may affect the health of individuals in the long run. For instance, how certain people end up choosing defective lifestyles and damage their health and how such situations can be averted.

  • The application of those skills that evaluate risks and techniques to avoid health problems and finding out which information is reliable or which is not should also be understood by the candidates of Health Science section CSET.

  • The candidates taking Health CSET must also exhibit their potential for communication and reinforce their concepts on health education whether it is related to family or community. Besides this they should have adequate understanding of communication skills related to interpersonal relationships and encourage the learners to use suitable words or phrases for expressions of thoughts.

  • The significance of the process of communication is another important point on which the test takers must focus.

Health Science: Tip for Test Takers

Health CSET is an important section of Single Subjects test and the candidates must concentrate on each of the above-mentioned points in detail while preparing and taking this exam in order to prove their eligibility for earning the teaching credential for this section of CSET.

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